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La nena se casa... en Navidad TrailerFranco de Vita: En Primera Fila Concierto TrailerLa clave Trailer

Gilberto Santa Rosa, also known as "El Caballero de la Salsa" (The Gentleman of Salsa) (born August 21, 1962), is a Puerto Rican bandleader and singer of salsa and bolero.

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Lo mejor de nuestra música popular: 15 años de éxitos Trailer (2007)

02 December 2007

The film includes highlights of the Banco Popular's music specials, whose production started in 1993.

Chona, la puerca asesina Trailer (1990)

02 January 1990

A mad scientist invents a formula to control Puerto Rico. A little pig named Chona drinks water from a pond contaminated with the formula and grows to gigantic proportions, chasing and killing people.

Dos Soneros, Una Historia Trailer (2005)

22 November 2005

Gilberto Santa Rosa and Victor Manuelle in concert.

Franco de Vita: En Primera Fila Concierto Trailer (2011)

31 May 2011

En Primera Fila is the third live album by Venezuelan recording artist Franco De Vita. It was released by Sony Music on May 31, 2011, after a three-year gap since the release of De Vita's last studio album.

Cocolos y Rockeros Trailer (1992)

28 April 1992

This documentary examines the musical tastes of Puerto Rico's youth. The terms "cocolos" refers to those who prefer salsa music, and "rockeros" to those who prefer rock music.

La nena se casa... en Navidad Trailer (2012)

16 December 2012

Adalberto's life turns upside down when his daughter Sylvia announces she's getting married.

Victor Manuelle: Live from Madison Square Garden Trailer (2007)

08 February 2007

One of the rising stars of salsa music in the 1990s, Latin musician Victor Manuelle came up alongside Marc Anthony and La India.

La clave Trailer (2008)

09 August 2008

Musical documentary film about the similarities between two types of music genres known as Salsa and Reggaeton.

Viva navidad Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

This musical production completes the trilogy dedicated to Christmas which began in 2004. This musical approach is characterized by the integration of contemporary rhythms such as reggaeton with traditional sounds, leading the viewer to experience new aspects in music.

Un pueblo que canta Trailer (1993)

03 December 1993

Homage to Puerto Rican composers, musicians, and singers.

Boricua Homecoming Trailer (2005)

22 December 2005

A handful of immigrants make a bittersweet pilgrimage back to the land of their birth in this comedy drama.

From Son to Salsa Trailer (1997)

12 September 1997

A testimony about Afro-Cuban popular music from its origins to the present day.

El espíritu de un pueblo Trailer (1994)

04 December 1994

Presentation of popular and folk music by Puerto Rican composers which aims to exemplify the national characteristics, values, and identify of its people.

Con la música por dentro: cien años de historia Trailer (1999)

05 December 1999

Through music, the world has learn about our sensibility, our happiness... in one word, our soul. This video presents the history of Puerto Rican music throughout 100 years.

Guitarra Mía: A Tribute To José Feliciano Trailer (2000)

13 December 2000

Dedicated to the legendary Puerto Rican singer and guitarist, the film is a narrative about José Feliciano's remarkable life and prolific musical career as the first crossover Latin artist in the United States.

Al compás de un sentimiento: la música de Pedro Flores Trailer (1996)

08 December 1996

The music of the Puerto Rican composer Pedro Flores which was televised on Dec. 8, 1996.

Somos un solo pueblo Trailer (1995)

03 December 1995

Presents a bit of the history of the migration of our people, people who came out opening new horizons and looking for new destinations.

Romance del cumbanchero: la música de Rafael Hernández Trailer (1998)

06 December 1998

Homage to the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández.

Siempre piel canela: la música de Bobby Capó Trailer (1997)

07 December 1997

Homage to famed 1950’s Puerto Rican singer, composer, and television personality Bobby Capó.