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The Treasure of the Silver Lake Trailer (1962)

12 December 1962

Colonel Brinkley is a criminal who has been with the map of where the treasure is the Silver Lake. Winnetou and Old Shatterhand come again towards goodness, but along the way will encounter enemy tribes they will face.

Frontier Hellcat Trailer (1964)

08 December 1964

Frontier Hellcat was the fourth in a series of 1960s European westerns based on Karl May's "Winnetou" character.

The Blood of Fu Manchu Trailer (1968)

23 August 1968

Fu Manchu inoculates ten women with poison, to kill ten world leaders.

Half-Breed Trailer (1966)

17 August 1966

No overview found.

Mein Kampf Trailer (2009)

01 August 2009

Every foot of film is authentic German footage -- uncovered in the secret archives of the SS Elite Guard and suppressed by Goebbels himself as too strong even for his own savage propaganda.

Commandos Trailer (1968)

19 November 1968

Sgt. Sullivan puts together a group of Italian-Americans into disguise as Italian soldiers in order to infiltrate a North African camp held by the Italians.

Out of order Trailer (1984)

04 May 1984

No overview found.

Wind from the East Trailer (1970)

19 August 1970

Wind From the East is a product of Jean-Luc Godard's involvement, during the late 60s and early 70s, with a collective filmmaking experiment known as the Dziga Vertov Group.

Schtonk! Trailer (1992)

12 March 1992

Schtonk! is a farce of the actual events of 1983, when Germany's Stern magazine published, with great fanfare, 60 volumes of the alleged diaries of Adolf Hitler – which two weeks later turned out to be entirely fake.

Zettl Trailer (2012)

01 February 2012

A social satire in which a chauffeur accidentally becomes the editor of an online newspaper.

Advertising Rules! Trailer (2001)

03 March 2001

Edward Kaminsky, an aging ad man, wants a golden parachute from his agency; he must first land the Opel auto contract.

Der Mann auf der Bettkante Trailer (1995)

07 October 1995

Nichts als die Wahrheit Trailer (1999)

23 September 1999

The famous Nazi-Doctor Dr. Josef Mengele - the "death angel of Auschwitz", who killed more than 300.000 people - comes back from his hide out in Argentina to Germany as a 87 year old man.

Schulz & Schulz II: Aller Anfang ist schwer Trailer (1991)

31 March 1991

No overview found.

Storm tide Trailer (2006)

19 February 2006

Susanne, a meteorologist Hamburg, has detected signs of an incipient sea storm that could devastate the city.

The Deathmaker Trailer (1995)

23 November 1995

Fritz Haarmann, who has killed at least 27 boys, is questioned by a psychology professor in order to find out whether he is sane and can be held responsible for his crimes.

Solo for Clarinet Trailer (1998)

15 October 1998

Berlin, Germany. A cruel murder took place in an appartment building. Somebody bit off quite a piece of the victim's penis, who then, of course, lost a lot of blood, before being struck down at the head.

Böse Wetter - Das Geheimnis der Vergangenheit Trailer (2016)

03 October 2016

Der Illegale Trailer (1972)

30 September 1972

Zahn um Zahn Trailer (1985)

08 October 1985

Schulz & Schulz IV: Neue Welten, alte Lasten Trailer (1992)

27 December 1992

No overview found.

George Trailer (2013)

21 June 2013

No movie summary is currently available.

Blue-Eyed Trailer (1989)

03 February 1989

In this suspense story, the main character, Johann Neudorff (Gotz George), immigrated to Argentina from Germany after World War Two, and has become a successful businessman there.

Destination Death Trailer (1964)

22 October 1964

A group of West German men on a stag party find themselves stranded in a Montenegrin village inhabited only by vengeful women since all their men were shot during the war.

When the White Lilacs Bloom Again Trailer (1953)

24 November 1953

No overview found.

Man called Gringo Trailer (1965)

19 March 1965

Dakota, 1880. In Silver Springs, with the help of hired thugs, a lawyer tries to take over the town by sabotage, theft and brutal murders.

Civil Courage Trailer (2010)

27 January 2010

Hypnosis Trailer (1962)

18 December 1962

Hypnotist's assistant Eric Stein (Jean Sorel) is in love with his boss Han's (Massimo Serrato) fiancée Marta (Eleanora Rossi Drago) and secretly sends her roses every opening night.

Schimanski: Loverboy Trailer (2013)

10 November 2013

Überfall in Glasgow Trailer (1981)

05 January 1981

Schulz & Schulz III: Wechselspiele Trailer (1992)

13 April 1992

Lüg weiter, Liebling Trailer (2010)

03 May 2010

Tod einer Polizistin Trailer (2012)

03 October 2012

Verliebte Diebe Trailer (2003)

13 September 2003

Coming Home Trailer (2003)

08 January 2003

Jochen's life is going well. He has just moved into a new house with his wife and child when suddenly his widowed father accidentally runs into a car and begins to lose his mind.

Papa allein zu Haus Trailer (2011)

16 May 2011

Besondere Schwere der Schuld Trailer (2014)

01 November 2014

Joseph Komalschek was sentenced to 30 years in prison for cruelly murdering a young mother and her newborn baby.

Rossini Trailer (1997)

23 January 1997

Zigeuner is on the hunt for the woman of his dreams, a woman who should also play the main role in the film.

The Long Day of Inspector Blomfield Trailer (1968)

15 April 1968

Schokolade für den Chef Trailer (2008)

26 July 2008

The Break Trailer (1989)

19 January 1989

A story about massive robbery from the safe of German railways set in 1946.

Liebe will gelernt sein Trailer (1963)

27 February 1963

Kein Himmel über Afrika Trailer (2005)

10 November 2005

Der Sandmann Trailer (1995)

04 October 1995

The ambitious young Ina Littmann is an investigative journalist for the TV talk show "Eye in Eye". Her current subject is Henry Kupfer, who wrote a bestseller about a psychopathic killer after he was himself in prison for 8 years for manslaughter.

Nacht ohne Morgen Trailer (2011)

30 November 2011

Schimanski: Schuld und Sühne Trailer (2011)

30 January 2011

Deckname Luna Trailer (2012)

01 January 2012

Der Novembermann Trailer (2007)

06 July 2007

No overview found.

Meine fremde Tochter Trailer (2008)

28 May 2008

My foreign subsidiary: TV-drama about a retired civil servants (Götz George) who wins a new relationship with his unloved son by the sudden death of his daughter.

The Trio Trailer (1998)

29 January 1998

Zobel and Karl are a long time gay couple who live together in a trailer home with Lizzie, Zobel's spunky daughter from a heterosexual misadventure.

Maria an Callas Trailer (2006)

04 May 2006

After the death of his sick wife, a man discovers that she had an e-mail friend he did not know.

Der Regenmacher Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

Alpenglühen Trailer (2003)

21 November 2003

Familienkreise Trailer (2003)

13 August 2003

Racheengel - Stimme aus dem Dunkeln Trailer (1999)

01 October 1999

René Deltgen – Der sanfte Rebell Trailer (2008)

04 April 2008

Kolportage Trailer (1957)

24 July 1957

Das Tor des Feuers Trailer (1996)

10 November 1996

Als der Fremde kam Trailer (2006)

10 May 2006

Schimanski: Schicht im Schacht Trailer (2008)

20 July 2008