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The Bulleteers Trailer (1942)

26 March 1942

Criminals with rocket powered car loot and extort the city, and only Superman can stop them!

Chick and Double Chick Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Little Lulu and her dog are charged with protecting the baby chicks from a sly and hungry cat. The cat attempts to steal Little Lulu's chicks but is foiled by Lulu and her dog after many attempts.

Happy Birthdaze Trailer (1943)

15 July 1943

Popeye's birthday, and Olive managed to get enough rationed sugar to bake him a cake, so she invites him over.

The Fistic Mystic Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

Popeye and Olive enter the city of Badgag and spot Bluto doing magic tricks. He hypnotizes Olive like a snake charmer.

Mess Production Trailer (1945)

23 August 1945

Olive Oyl, a regular Rosie the Riveter, receives a blow to the head from a swinging grappling hook, sending her into a sleepwalking state.

Hullaba-Lulu Trailer (1944)

25 February 1944

In order to get into the circus, Lulu disguises herself as "the press" after giving her ticket away. Once inside, Lulu manages to wreck every performance by yelling "Faker!" She ends up saving the ringmaster from a ferocious lion.

Gabriel Churchkitten Trailer (1944)

15 December 1944

This cartoon concerns the efforts of a kitten, Gabriel, and a mouse, Peter, who apparently live in peaceful coexistence in the home of Parson Peaseporridge, to get the Parson to wake up at night and feed them their milk and cheese, respectively.

House Tricks? Trailer (1946)

15 March 1946

Olive is building a house when the boys happen by. They show off a bit to convince her to let them build her house for her.

I'm Just Curious Trailer (1944)

07 September 1944

For misbehaving, Little Lulu gets a spanking from Daddy with the book "Art of Self Defense" in her pants.

Cilly Goose Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

Paramount Noveltoons became Paramount Champions when they were re-released, which was a shorthand designation for theatre exhibitors so they would know they had played this one before.