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River of Exploding Durians Trailer (2014)

24 October 2014

When a rare earth plant is being built near a coastal town, its inhabitants fall into despair, fearful of its radioactive effects.

Second Life of Thieves Trailer (2014)

03 October 2014

Village chief Tan is busy. His wife and best friend Lai have mysteriously disappeared and an undocumented worker is dead.

Inhalation Trailer (2010)

18 September 2010

Unhappy farm worker Mei steals some money from her boyfriend Seng, boards a ship to Japan and leaves him broken-hearted.

The Tiger Factory Trailer (2010)

21 May 2010

Ping Ping is 19 and wants to go to Japan to work in a car parts company. She's under the guardianship of her aunt, Madame Tien, who shuffles her between two jobs - working in a pig farm, and cleaning dishes in a rundown restaurant.

Last Fragments of Winter Trailer (2011)

10 December 2011

A dreamlike cinematic poem about a family. A boy runs an errand for his mother and realizes that she is dying.