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After All These Years Trailer (2013)

19 April 2013

When a woman is wrongly accused of the death of her ex-husband, she sets out to solve the murder mystery and find the real killer before the day of the funeral, when she is to be taken into custody.

Give 'em Hell, Malone Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

A tough as nails private investigator (Malone) squares off with gangsters and their thugs to protect a valuable secret.

Fair Haven Trailer (2017)

03 March 2017

A young man returns to his family farm, after a long stay in ex-gay conversion therapy, and is torn between the expectations of his emotionally distant father, and the memories of a past, loving relationship he has tried to bury.

Razorback Trailer (1984)

19 April 1984

In the Australian outback a vicious wild boar kills and causes havoc to a small community.

Cloudy With a Chance of Love Trailer (2015)

14 February 2015

Quirky meteorologist Deb spends most of her time finishing the passionate pursuit of her meteorology Ph.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground Trailer (2017)

19 February 2017

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans handyman and blues singer-songwriter Gabe Recolte (Keb' Mo') was bereft.

My Christmas Love Trailer (2016)

17 December 2016

My Christmas Love is about a hopeless romantic who can’t ever seem to give a guy a real chance, that is until she starts receiving each of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ as gifts anonymously at her door (yes, from the song… a partridge, leaping lords, milking maids… 5 golden rings!!).

Undercover Bridesmaid Trailer (2012)

15 April 2012

A bodyguard must go undercover to protect, a tycoon's daughter from death threats before her big wedding day.

The Nativity Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

The Nativity is seen through the eyes of three young visitors from the 20th century who are transpory

It's My Party Trailer (1996)

22 March 1996

A gathering of friends. A gift of love. A celebration of life.

Air Bud: Golden Receiver Trailer (1998)

14 August 1998

Josh and Buddy move from basketball to American football in this first of several sequels to the original Air Bud.

The Gathering Trailer (1977)

04 December 1977

When Adam Thornton learns that he only has a little time left, he decides that he wants to make peace with his family.

Fresno Trailer (1986)

16 November 1986

A long-format spoof of 1980s prime-time soap operas, set in raisin town Fresno, California.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth Be Told Trailer (2015)

13 September 2015

The POstables are on a mission to deliver a soldier's letter from Afghanistan to a teenager who's being relentlessly bullied, while Oliver's estranged father surprises him with news that shakes him to his core.

Nothing Lasts Forever Trailer (1995)

04 November 1995

Story of the personal lives and careers of three female doctors, from different backgrounds and walks of life, who work at a San Francisco county hospital.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You Trailer (2016)

25 September 2016

Oliver's (Eric Mabius) Divine Delivery Theory is put to the test when he and the POstables (Kristin h

The Nine Lives of Christmas Trailer (2014)

08 November 2014

With Christmas approaching, a handsome fireman afraid of commitment adopts a stray cat and meets a beautiful veterinary student who challenges his decision to remain a confirmed bachelor.

Oceans of Fire Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Ben, a former Navy officer now works on a rig as the guy in charge, but since a lot of crew keeps dying whilst diving and planting the rig in the sea he needs men who are willing to take the risk.

The Harrad Experiment Trailer (1973)

11 May 1973

At fictional Harrad College students learn about sexuality and experiment with each other. Based on the 1962 book of the same name by Robert Rimmer, this movie deals with the concept of free love during the height of the sexual revolution which took place in the United States.

Bare Essentials Trailer (1991)

08 January 1991

A couple leaves for a vacation on a tropical island and finds happiness and love... just not with each-other.

Mortal Fear Trailer (1994)

20 November 1994

Based on the provocative best-selling novel, a brilliant scientist finds the hidden link that can save countless lives, but when a crazed killer uses the same information to play God, millions are at risk.

Trilogy of Terror Trailer (1975)

04 March 1975

Three bizarre horror stories ending with the story of an African doll out for blood.

For Ladies Only Trailer (1981)

09 November 1981

A young man from Iowa comes to New York hoping to make it as an actor. However, he doesn't get a break and is almost out of money.

Dangerous Pursuit Trailer (1990)

14 February 1990

A woman discovers the next target of a hired assassin and attempts to foil his plan.

The Hasty Heart Trailer (1983)

01 December 1983

In Burma on the penultimate day of World War II, Cameron Highlander Lachlan 'Lachie' MacLachlan is seriously wounded and transported to a local military hospital.

Hard Evidence Trailer (1995)

23 November 1995

Trent Turner has it all - a beautiful wife, a fabulous house, and a business he owns with his best friend.

Cadillac Girls Trailer (1993)

28 May 1993

A woman and her delinquent rebellious teen daughter return to their small hometown after the death of the woman's distant father.

Fraternity Row Trailer (1977)

03 June 1977

Director Thomas J. Tobin's 1977 drama about college freshmen subjected to fraternity hazing stars Gregory Harrison, Peter Fox, Scott Newman, Nancy Morgan and Wendy Phillips.

The M Word Trailer (2014)

30 April 2014

The 'M' Word" explores the themes of "menopause, men and menses".

Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg Trailer (1994)

31 January 1994

A young mother is accused of convincing four teenagers to murder her husband, who she claims abused her during their ten-year relationship.

North Shore Trailer (1987)

14 August 1987

On a small stretch of coastline as powerful as a man's will, Rick Kane came to surf the big waves. He found a woman who would show him how to survive, and a challenge unlike any other.

Maneater Trailer (2009)

30 March 2009

An enterprising young woman navigates the professional waters of Beverly Hills in order to land the hottest producer in town, fully unaware that she is about to get in way over her head.

Au Pair II Trailer (2001)

22 April 2001

A father and the former nanny to his children prepare a merger between his company and a European conglomerate.

Angel of Death Trailer (1990)

02 October 1990

Gregory Harrison is the Angel of Death in this made-for-TV suspenser. In love with artist Jane Seymour, escaped convict Harrison vows to protect Seymour and her six-year-old son Brian Bonsall from any and all antagonists.

Split Images Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

A journalist knows more about a grizzly murder than is good for her. All her evidence points toward a mysterious millionaire but no one will believe her.

A Christmas Romance Trailer (1994)

18 December 1994

Julia Stonecypher is finding it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. Having recently lost both her husband and her job, Brian Harding, the vice president of the local bank arrives on her doorstep amid a snowstorm, to inform Julia that her house is being repossessed.

Seduced Trailer (1985)

12 March 1985

Cybill Shephard stars as Vicky, a woman married to a rich old man, who has one foot in the grave. Gregory Harrison plays Mike Riordon a district attorney, who is young, handsome and living at home with his Irish mom for the most.

Summer of Fear Trailer (1996)

03 April 1996

The presence of a malicious stranger threatens to destroy the peace and harmony of a vacationing executive's family life.

Running Wild Trailer (1998)

26 July 1998

A drama directed by Timothy Bond.

A Dangerous Affair Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Connie Sellecca portrays Sharon Blake a beautiful, talented lady in her 30's now wanting some love in her life.

Au Pair Trailer (1999)

22 August 1999

A young MBA mistakenly interviews for the wrong job... and ends up as an Au Pair for a pair of snotty rich kids.

Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb Trailer (1980)

23 November 1980

Well-intentioned history lesson; the decision to drop the atom bomb, the secrecy surrounding the mission, and the men who flew it.

Red River Trailer (1988)

10 April 1988

Remake of the 1948 John Wayne feature about a man who rebels against his tyrannical guardian during a crucial cattle drive.

The Women's Room Trailer (1980)

14 September 1980

A wife is sick and tired of her husband's infidelities, so she leaves home and goes back to grad-school.

Centennial Trailer (1978)

01 October 1978

The economic and cultural growth of Colorado spanning two centuries from the mid-1700s to the late-1970s.

Caught in the Act Trailer (1993)

22 July 1993

An unemployed actor is mixed up in a case about a $10,000,000 bank fraud.

Body Chemistry II: Voice of a Stranger Trailer (1992)

05 August 1992

Erotic thriller, as a man is torn between two women and his own violent self, born of child abuse

Jim, the World's Greatest Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

One of his earlier pieces, Don Coscarelli (of Phantasm Phame) has a knack for seeing the world through the eyes and heart of a young boy.

Hot Paint Trailer (1988)

20 March 1988

A comedy directed by Sheldon Larry.

Breaking the Silence Trailer (1992)

14 January 1992

Defending a teen charged with patricide drudges up dark memories for a lawyer.

Duplicates Trailer (1992)

18 March 1992

A family falls victim to a scientific institute that removes memories and transfers them to a computer.