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Gunnar Björnstrand (13 November 1909 – 26 May 1986) was a Swedish actor known for his frequent work with writer/director Ingmar Bergman. He was born in Stockholm. He appeared in over 120 films. Björnstrand at first had trouble finding work but got an engagement in Helsinki with his wife 1936-1938. Back in Stockholm he met Ingmar Bergman, at that time a mostly unknown theatre director. In the 1940s he got his first major film roles, making a breakthrough with the 1946 movie Kristin kommenderar. He was a versatile actor who could play tough and tender as well as comedy and tragedy. His daughter Veronica Björnstrand is also an actress. One of his most famous roles was as the worldly squire who makes such a contrast to his austere and spiritual master in Bergman's most famous film The Seventh Seal.

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Persona Trailer (1966)

18 October 1966

A young nurse, Alma, is put in charge of Elisabeth Vogler: an actress who is seemingly healthy in all respects, but will not talk.

The Seventh Seal Trailer (1957)

16 February 1957

When disillusioned Swedish knight Antonius Block returns home from the Crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death, he challenges Death to a chess match for his life.

Wild Strawberries Trailer (1957)

26 December 1957

Professor of medicine Isak Borg travels to Lund University in order to receive his anniversary title.

The Magician Trailer (1958)

26 December 1958

Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician (Ansiktet) is an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of deceit from one of cinema’s premier illusionists.

Fanny & Alexander Trailer (1982)

17 December 1982

Through the eyes of ten-year-old Alexander, we witness the delights and conflicts of the Ekdahl family, a sprawling bourgeois clan in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Sweden.

Dreams Trailer (1955)

22 August 1955

In Stockholm, the fashion photographer Susanne Frank misses her married lover Henrik Lobelius that lives in Gothenburg with his wife and children, and the naive twenty years old model Doris has a troubled relationship with her boy friend Palle Palt.

Through a Glass Darkly Trailer (1961)

16 October 1961

While vacationing on a remote island retreat, a family’s already fragile ties are tested when daughter Karin discovers her father has been using her schizophrenia for his own literary means.

Smiles of a Summer Night Trailer (1955)

26 December 1955

Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night) is a 1955 Swedish comedy film directed by Ingmar Bergman.

Shame Trailer (1968)

29 September 1968

Ingmar Bergman's psychological study of how humans react in a situation of war. The film takes place on Gotland, where invasion forces arrives.

Sawdust and Tinsel Trailer (1953)

14 September 1953

On a gray morning, a circus caravan arrives in the town where Albert the ringmaster's family lives. He hasn't seen them for three years and has taken a mistress, the young and buxom Anne.

Face to Face Trailer (1976)

05 April 1976

A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness.

Winter Light Trailer (1963)

11 February 1963

Master craftsman Ingmar Bergman explores the search for redemption in a meaningless existence. In this stark depiction of spiritual crisis, small-town pastor Tomas Ericsson (Gunnar Björnstrand) performs his duties mechanically before a dwindling congregation.

The Devil's Eye Trailer (1960)

17 October 1960

The devil has a stye in his eye, caused by the purity of a vicar's daughter. To get rid of it, he sends Don Juan up from hell to seduce the 20 year old Britt-Marie and to rob her of her virginity and her belief in love.

Taboo Trailer (1977)

28 January 1977

Kristoffer has a support hotline for sexual deviants. Through an ad for the hotline Sara finds shelter there and the two fall in love.

Here Is Your Life Trailer (1966)

26 December 1966

A working-class boy struggles to find himself through a series of jobs and romances.

Autumn Sonata Trailer (1978)

08 October 1978

A young married woman invites her mother, a celebrated concert pianist, to stay with her. Tensions rise as their buried hatred for one another comes to the surface.

Hagbard and Signe Trailer (1967)

16 January 1967

The mountain slopes of Iceland are shown to excellent advantage in the Scandinavian epic Hagbard and Signe.

Torment Trailer (1944)

02 October 1944

An idealistic adolescent, suffering under the thumb of a sadistic schoolmaster, falls in love with a loose girl who is bullied and tormented by another lover.

My Sister My Love Trailer (1966)

28 February 1966

Sweden, 1782. Jacob, a young noble, somewhat wild and vehement, returns from his studies in France. After his absence, he returns home happy, but is even happier of meeting his beloved sister Charlotte again.

Charlotte Löwensköld Trailer (1979)

30 October 1979

1830 Värmland, Sweden. Master Karl Arthur Ekenstedt comes to aid the Minister at Crosss Church. He falls in love with Charlotte Löwensköld, housekeeper in the rectory.

A Lesson in Love Trailer (1954)

04 October 1954

After 15 years of marriage, David and Marianne have grown apart. David has had an affair with a patient of his and Marianne has got herself involved with her former lover Carl-Adam, who's also David's best friend.

The Girls Trailer (1968)

16 September 1968

A theater company rehearses Aristophanes play "Lysistrata" in which the Athenian women revolt to force the men to suspend the war and make peace.

Music in Darkness Trailer (1948)

17 January 1948

Because of an accident at a military drill the recruit Bengt loses his eyesight and becomes blind. He gets to live with relatives in the countryside and meets the young Ingrid.

Karl för sin hatt Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Urban girl falls for rugged forest ranger.

The Rite Trailer (1969)

25 March 1969

A judge in an unnamed country interviews three actors, together and singly, provoking them while investigating a pornographic performance for which they may face a fine.

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Vilgot Sjöman (I Am Curious -- Yellow 1967) and a crew from Swedish Television followed Ingmar Bergman during the filming of Winter Light and came away with a five-part documentary, including set construction, rehearsals, editing, and behind-the-camera conversations with Bergman and the cast and crew, and audience reactions to the film.

Summer Place Wanted Trailer (1957)

20 December 1957

Married couple have romantic interludes in the summer, she at their summer cottage, him in the apartment in town.

Barna Hedenhös Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

Sussie Trailer (1945)

13 August 1945

A self centered author are having a word feud in a news paper column with a journalist called Sussie.

Vi två Trailer (1939)

16 March 1939

Architect Sture Ahrengren walks out of his job with an architecture firm with the support of his wife Kristina.

Loving Couples Trailer (1964)

20 December 1964

Three expectant mothers think back over their sex lives.

You Are My Adventure Trailer (1958)

24 March 1958

Two journalists marry each other but Tore is unhappy that his wife is ambitious in her career instead of their household.

Hjältar i gult och blått Trailer (1940)

16 February 1940

The tailor Tosse is ordered to return to his old regiment to practice what he learned many years ago.

Klänningen Trailer (1964)

05 October 1964

Edit is pleased that her mother agrees to let her buy a dress she loves, but which in fact is made for an adult woman.

Secrets of Women Trailer (1952)

03 November 1952

Rakel, Marta, Karin and Annette are married to four brothers. While waiting in a summer cottage for their husbands to come home, they tell each other stories about their marriages.

Private Bom Trailer (1948)

15 December 1948

The station-master Fabian Bom is a very meticulous person, and he makes sure that the trains leaves exactly - on the second.

Tull-Bom Trailer (1951)

25 June 1951

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl.

Heaven and Pancakes Trailer (1959)

02 November 1959

Sequel to Sjunde himlen (1956). Dr. Lovisa Sundelius (Sickan Carlsson) and radio host Willy Lorens (t

Glasberget Trailer (1953)

26 December 1953

The successful glass artist Stellan Sylvester ends up in the hospital after a car accident. He looks back at his life and finds it empty and meaningless.

Pappa Bom Trailer (1949)

19 December 1949

Fabian Bom, auctionist in a small town, one day finds a baby boy in a small crib that is for sale at an auction.

Swinging at the Castle Trailer (1959)

08 March 1959

Love triangle between Svante, his fiancee Inga and Sophie, a girl from a rich family.

En fluga gör ingen sommar Trailer (1947)

17 September 1947

When Inga Brantemo goes on a business trip to Italy, her husband Bertil gets romantically involved with Christina Lovén, whose father is a book publisher.

Det är aldrig för sent Trailer (1956)

17 March 1956

Görel and Arne are about to get a divorce. Görel thinks back on how history has repeated itself within her family.

Flyg-Bom Trailer (1952)

22 December 1952

The meticulous Fabin Bom is called up for military service in the airforce.

The Pleasure Garden Trailer (1961)

26 December 1961

A small picturesque town at the turn of the century. The conservative views of the townspeople are shaken when they find out that the school teacher Franzén published his own poetry anonymously many years ago.

Scanian Guerilla Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

In an occupied country, the people rise to throw off the occupants. This includes Jens the farmer and his three sons who successfully perform sneak attacks on the invading army.

Playing Truant Trailer (1949)

15 August 1949

High school student Margareta fall head over heels in love with a young doctor and announce her engagement to him to her parents.

Flickan från tredje raden Trailer (1949)

29 August 1949

A ring passes between a lot of different people, giving the bearer or someone close a new meaning to life.

Stimulantia Trailer (1967)

28 March 1967

Stimulantia is a 1967 Swedish anthology film comprising eight episodes by eight different directors including Ingmar Bergman, Jörn Donner, Gustaf Molander and Vilgot Sjöman and starring among others Ingrid Bergman, Harriet Andersson, Gunnar Björnstrand, Lars Ekborg and Inga Landgré.

Kristin kommenderar Trailer (1946)

02 September 1946

Marianne and Harald are busy with their jobs and three children. They are lucky to find a mysterious house maid to employ who have her own reasons for helping them.

Everybody at His Station Trailer (1940)

06 November 1940

Swedish comedy from 1940. Kurre Karlsson, a simple man of the people, will be called up for military training given by an anti-aircraft units at sea.

Violence in the Sun Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

A quirky, but happily in love young Italian couple fall in with an older, but distinctly reserved Swedish couple whilst on vacation on islands off the coast of Southern Italy.

June Night Trailer (1940)

03 April 1940

A woman flees to avoid rumors of promiscuity, but is trailed by a reporter who wants to expose her dark past.

Mot nya tider Trailer (1939)

06 November 1939

A Swedish drama from 1939 about the social and political developments in Sweden from 1885 until the dissolution of the union in 1905.

Vi tre debutera Trailer (1953)

07 September 1953

Three young poets are about to make their debuts

Gabrielle Trailer (1954)

26 December 1954

While Bertil Lindström works at the Swedish embassy in Paris, his wife Gabrielle spends the summer alone in Sweden.

General von Döbeln Trailer (1942)

26 October 1942

1813. The popular general von Döbeln is arrested for sending the army against the French in breach of orders by the crown prince.

Pappa sökes Trailer (1947)

01 June 1947

Holger Hallman, CEO of a weapons factory try to prevent his son Tom from dating a manucurist, Lydia. By mistake he try to pay off the wrong manicurist, Mary, who by coincidence has a fiancé named Tom.

One Fiancé at a Time Trailer (1952)

04 May 1952

Lilian is engaged to engineer Arne. To make him more interested in her, she meets a few other men.

Den vita katten Trailer (1950)

25 December 1950

A man comes to Stockholm's central station. He does not know who he is or where he has been. He has some keys and a phone number.