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Saraband Trailer (2003)

01 December 2003

The movie is a sequel to Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage (1973), where we revisit the characters of Johan and Marianne, then a married couple.

Hemåt i natten Trailer (1977)

21 February 1977

Harri is one of Sweden's many Finnish immigrant-workers. While in Sweden, the illiterate Harri marries and has a child.

Framed Trailer (1988)

25 February 1988

Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drug possession. Unable to prove his innocence he ends up in prison.

Drömkåken Trailer (1993)

29 October 1993

Göran buys a house in a suburb. It is in need of some repairs but Göran believes himself capable of repairing it himself and with the help of some cheap craftsmen.

Details Trailer (2003)

10 October 2003

Emma, a young author, goes to see Erik, the publishing editor whom she's sent her debut novel. Their meeting leads to a love affair.

Faro Trailer (2013)

15 March 2013

Faro is about a man who flees into the forest with his daughter to escape a prison sentence.

Private Confessions Trailer (1996)

25 December 1996

Svart Lucia Trailer (1992)

11 December 1992

High school student Mikaela is attracted by her Swedish teacher Göran and writes an erotic novel for his class.

Hassel 03 - Slavhandlarna Trailer (1989)

10 March 1989

Åke and His World Trailer (1984)

26 October 1984

Aake and his world is a long, lyrical study of a Swedish country doctor of the 1930s. Aake is the doctor's six year old son, from whose point of view the film is told.

Subterranian Secrets Trailer (1991)

21 February 1991

The ten year old Nisse suffers from acute asthma and is rushed to the hospital. There he meets Lelle who is a bitter, lonely and seriously ill twelve-year-old.

Jack Trailer (1976)

17 December 1976

Jack spends his days smoking pot, drinking and hitting on girls together with his friends. As opposed to his friends, Jack actually knows what he wants to do with his life, he wants be an author.

In the Presence of a Clown Trailer (1997)

01 November 1997

Inventor Carl Åkerblom is a rosy-cheeked 54 year-old admirer of Franz Schubert - and a patient in the psychiatric ward of Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, after having attempted to beat to death his fiancée, Pauline Thibault.

Nina Frisk Trailer (2007)

09 March 2007

Nina Frisk is a flight attendant who loves flying. She is happy above the clouds, far away from her dysfunctional family and superficial love life.

Sjätte juni Trailer (2004)

04 October 2004

På palmblad och rosor Trailer (1976)

03 April 1976

Swedish tv movie directed by Lars Lennart Forsberg after the Stig Claesson novel with the same title.

Darfinkar & Donickar: The Movie Trailer (1988)

25 December 1988

The movie compiled from the Swedish TV series "Dårfinkar & dönickar" aired in 1988