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The Human Shield Trailer (1992)

29 May 1992

The Human Shield is a 1991 film directed by Ted Post. It stars Michael Dudikoff and Tommy Hinkley. It is about a former government agent who must save his diabetic brother from Iraqi abductors.

Lovesick on Nana Street Trailer (1996)

11 November 1996

The touching story of Victor, who lives with his mother in the really bad part of town and runs an illegal TV cable station.

Orange People Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

Grandma Zohara occupies a special role within the Moroccan community within Israel. By cradling an object brought to her by her clients, Grandma Zohara gains access to the family's past through her dreams.

Girls Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

Four weeks of basic training for girls in the IDF: seven girls and two sergeants from different backgrounds (Canadian girl, an immigrant from Russia, Sabra Buckley, etc.

The Quarry Trailer (1990)

06 June 1990

Israel, Fifties... Two men are fighting for the love of one woman in the quarry.