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The Olsen Gang Trailer (1968)

11 October 1968

The first of 14 Olsen Gang films presents us with Egon Olsen, head of the gang, and his friends Benny and Kjeld, who want to become the best known gang in Denmark and eventually Europe by stealing a famous Bavarian work of art currently displayed in a Copenhagen museum.

The Olsen Gang's Last Trick Trailer (1998)

17 December 1998

Egon escapes from the psychiatric ward, where he has been incarcerated since the gang's last coup. Keld and Benny pick him up, and when Egon, as always, is planning the big heist, the Olsen Gang is once again on the move.

The Olsen Gang's Escape over the Fence Trailer (1981)

16 October 1981

As usual, Egon has an ingenious plan. And, as usual, it works just fine until one of the gang members makes some kind of funny error.

The Olsen Gang Goes to War Trailer (1978)

06 October 1978

Some criminal EU ministers plan to turn Denmark into a gigantic fair ground and holiday paradise. Egon gets his hand at some important documents which could both make him rich and take care of Denmark's future.

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders Trailer (1979)

26 December 1979

Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale.

Love Thy Neighbour Trailer (1967)

01 September 1967

Love Thy Neighbour (Danish: Elsk... din næste!, German: Vergiß nicht deine Frau zu küssen ) is a 1967 Danish-German comedy film directed by Egil Kolstø and starring Walter Giller.

The loose tile Trailer (1966)

26 December 1966

Sigfred dioecious is an acidic man. Teacher and can not really hate children. When he one day a tile in the head, change his behavior, however, significant.

Stormvarsel Trailer (1968)

24 December 1968

Damernes ven Trailer (1969)

27 September 1969

Dyden går amok Trailer (1966)

24 March 1966

3 Trailer (1971)

21 October 1971

Teacher Jan, who is married to Ingrid office lady, falls in love with the divorced teacher Tone. Ingrid agree that Tone moves in with them, and that the two women has Jan together as theire lover After a crisis is Jan and Ingrid divorced.