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Labyrinth of Lies Trailer (2014)

06 September 2014

A young prosecutor in postwar West Germany investigates a massive conspiracy to cover up the Nazi pasts of prominent public figures.

Shining Through Trailer (1992)

31 January 1992

Spirited New Yorker Linda Voss goes to work for international lawyer and secret Office of Strategic Services operative Ed Leland just before World War II.

The Manns - Novel of a Century Trailer (2001)

05 December 2001

Chronicle about Germany's most extraodinary literary family.

Zettl Trailer (2012)

01 February 2012

A social satire in which a chauffeur accidentally becomes the editor of an online newspaper.

Victory Trailer (1996)

13 December 1996

Axel Heyst is an American recluse with a dubious past living in the Dutch East Indies port of Surabaya circa 1913.

Kehraus Trailer (1983)

11 November 1983

No overview found.

Hamburger Gift Trailer (1992)

02 December 1992

Der Tod der Schneevögel Trailer (1974)

04 March 1974

Linie 1 Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

Film version of the musical by the same name: Sunnie, a girl from the province, comes to Berlin to meet rock star Johnnie who had given her his address after a concert.

Bambule Trailer (1969)

31 December 1969

"Bambule" is German prison slang for "riot". This 1970 TV movie follows a day in the life of three adolescent borstal girls in Berlin: Irene escapes (but returns after she finds no bearings in the outside world), Monika is caught and transferred against her will to another home run by nuns, Iv (Evelyn) incites her room mates to riot at night.

Der Partyphotograph Trailer (1968)

29 November 1968

A sleazy comedy directed by Hans D. Bove.

Der Trip - Die nackte Gitarre 0,5 Trailer (1996)

11 January 1996

Utta Danella - Der Himmel in deinen Augen Trailer (2006)

29 September 2006

Mit Achtzehn Trailer (1971)

29 March 1971

Glück im Grünen Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Dicke Freunde Trailer (1995)

08 November 1995

Otto - The Alien from East Frisia Trailer (1989)

12 July 1989

No overview found.

Geerbtes Glück Trailer (2004)

02 April 2004

1 Berlin-Harlem Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

A in West-Berlin stationed African-American GI retires from the US Army to live with his (white) girlfriend, who has a baby with another Black man.

Einmal Macht und zurück - Engholms Fall Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

The Fair Trailer (1960)

18 August 1960

At the end of WWII a soldier who had often been ordered to execute women and children deserts and tries to find a hiding place in his native village.

Die Schneekönigin Trailer (1964)

25 December 1964

Rosamunde Pilcher: Der Preis der Liebe Trailer (1998)

15 February 1998

Das Schwein – Eine deutsche Karriere Trailer (1995)

19 March 1995

Marija Trailer (1978)

17 September 1978