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Red Trailer (2008)

07 October 2008

An older, reclusive man's best friend and inspiration for living is his 14-year-old dog named "Red". When three troublesome teens kill the dog for no good reason, the grieving man sets out for justice and redemption by whatever means available to him.

As It Is in Heaven Trailer (2004)

03 September 2004

A musical romantic tragedy about a famous composer who moves back to his small hometown after having had heart troubles.

Victoria Trailer (2013)

01 March 2013

A tragic love affair between Victoria and Johannes. She's the daughter of a rich estate owner and he's the son of a poor miller.

The Inheritance Trailer (2003)

21 February 2003

A young Danish man, Christoffer, lives a life of joy and happiness with his wife Maria in Stockholm. When his father dies his mother insists that Christoffer take over management of the family industry which is in danger of bankruptcy.

Manslaughter Trailer (2005)

26 August 2005

A college professor abandons his family and his career in order to champion his mistress, a student radical accused of killing a policeman.

House of Fools Trailer (2008)

12 September 2008

At the psychiatric clinic Varden the attendants are mad and the inmates are sane.Norweg

Orion's Belt Trailer (1985)

08 February 1985

Live to tell the truth. What can one man do against the most lethal army on earth? Local fishermen/smugglers/tourist guides Tom, Lars and Sverre discover the Soviet Union aren't just mining for coal in the arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Isle of Darkness Trailer (1997)

26 December 1997

Julie is a young and newly qualified teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. Fed up with her unfaithful boyfriend and big city life, she takes a job as a teacher on an idyllic island in southern Norway.

Norway Trailer (1988)

08 May 1988

A 4 year-old boy stands in awe of a 1,000 year-old Viking boat in a small Norwegian museum and finds within its silent grace an impressionistic sweep of picture and music revealing the rich spirit of Norway and its people.

Martin Trailer (1981)

06 February 1981

The Dive Trailer (1989)

31 August 1989

Sundquist and Eidsvold play the two deep sea divers, who agree to do a quick unscheduled dive before taking their Christmas vacation, to help an oil company who's got a oil-valve caught in a trawl.

Kejsaren Trailer (1979)

24 February 1979

Before World War II, Swedish workers had to deal with low wages, scarce work, and the extensive importation of foreign labor, particularly for the purpose of breaking strikes.

The Warrior's Heart Trailer (1992)

03 April 1992

A love story during the Second World War in Scandinavia. Ann Mari, a Norwegian, works as a nurse in the Winter War of 1939/40 between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Lille frk Norge Trailer (2003)

12 September 2003

Lotte and her father moves in with Kristin, a former beauty queen, and her daughter, Vendela. Kristin is grooming Vendela to win the Little Miss Norway contest, and as a result both girls get more and more preoccupied with their looks.

Svarte pantere Trailer (1992)

14 October 1992

After a series of ever more daring raids on laboratories and farms to rescue what they believe are mistreated animals, a radical commune of animal liberationists find themselves under a vicious attack by the very groups they had expected the least trouble from: other (more moderate) animal liberation groups.

Music for Weddings and Funerals Trailer (2002)

22 August 2002

Sara, recently divorced and mourning the loss of her only child, rents her basement to Bogdan, a Serbian musician who brings the whole band along.

Hunter's Bride Trailer (2010)

23 December 2010

Inspired by Carl Maria von Weber's Der Freisch├╝tz, the film opera Hunter's Bride traces the romantic rivalry between two veterans of the Napoleonic Wars who each vie for the heart of the same woman.

The Tenth Muse Trailer (2004)

19 March 2004

Set in Copenhagen in 1964, a personal drama evolves as a young film director tries to make a film about aging film star Asta Nielsen.