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Everybody Loves Somebody Trailer (2017)

10 February 2017

On the surface, Clara Barron seems to have it all: a job as an OB-GYN; a great house in LA; and a loving family.

Rudo & Cursi Trailer (2008)

19 December 2008

Two brothers living a hard life of manual labor in rural Mexico have a simple dream: saving enough money to build their mother her dream house.

Raging Sun, Raging Sky Trailer (2009)

15 October 2009

A story of love, sex and destiny, by director Julian Hernandez. Youthful Kieri and Ryo share a deep and passionate love for each other.

The Load Trailer (2016)

09 March 2016

Late sixteenth century. A Tameme Indian man and a noble Spanish woman flee through the forests of the New World in search of freedom.

Colosio Trailer (2012)

08 June 2012

It's 1994 in Mexico, the nation was witnessing a turbulent year since its beginnings. An indigenous rebellion shakes the country.

Sexennial Plan Trailer (2014)

20 October 2014

Mercedes’ fantasy turns into a nightmare. Juan’s greatest fear takes the shape of a strange man entering his house.

Ladies Mafia Trailer (2011)

01 January 2011

La Persistente Trailer (2018)

16 May 2018

A ski resort, somewhere in the French Pyrenees. Ivan solely lives for his motorcycle - the sentient, loving, breathing La Persistente.

Open Cage Trailer (2014)

25 February 2014

The economy has collapsed. In a universe of moral and economic impoverishment, we find Flavia, a spoiled teenager with artistic aspirations that are somewhat frustrated when she is not accepted at the University.

The Zebra Trailer (2011)

25 March 2011

During the Mexican Revolution, Leandro and Odón, two war vultures, find a zebra. They mistakenly believe this to be an American horse and thus begin a journey in search of General Obregón, who they assume, will appoint them as colonels given their peculiar beast of burden.

Atmósfera Trailer (2010)

10 March 2010

Cecilia, Alberto, and Felipe live through a strange epidemic that plagues the abandoned streets of a coastal town.

Potosí Trailer (2013)

21 July 2013

Potosi, a rural town in Latin America, is the crossfire of the ravaging that has devastated the north of the country.

González: The False Prophet Trailer (2013)

23 October 2013

González lives in a dilapidated room in Mexico City, a lost soul in one of the world’s biggest metropolises.

Killing Strangers Trailer (2013)

23 February 2013

A series of auditions is taking place in a museum-like living room. Various men improvise or deliver prepared lines, rehearse gestures and slogans, aim guns, and collapse as if mortally wounded.

The Cinema Hold Up Trailer (2011)

01 May 2011

The story of four teenagers: Negus, Chale, Sapo and Chata. Childhood friends living in public housing in a rundown area of Mexico City, search to trump idleness.

Northless Trailer (2009)

12 September 2009

Andres reaches the Mexican border to cross into the United Sates. There between each attempt, he discovers that Tijuana is a troubled city.

Reacciones Adversas Trailer (2011)

27 March 2011

Daniel is a young man suffering from low selfesteem, who is incapable of defending himself from the abuses of employers and of society in general.

Tamara and the Ladybug Trailer (2016)

18 November 2016

Tamara has Intellectual disability and a love for ladybugs. One day, she decides to take care of a baby but she forgets where she took him from, so she will get assistance from the old lady who sell quesadillas so they can return the baby to his parents.

Polar Bear Trailer (2017)

23 October 2017

Heriberto gives a lift to a school reunion to two friends (Flor and Trujillo). In the way, we find out that they were his worst bullies.

My Universe in Lowercase Trailer (2013)

08 November 2013

Director Hatuey Viveros' beautiful film unfolds as a fascinating exploration of contemporary life in Mexico, searching to understand today's world, while portraying a younger generation who lack an understanding of their past.

Statues Trailer (2013)

06 September 2013

The unveiling of a statue honoring Emiliano Zapata becomes the site in which the demands of a struggling city are manifested through the speech of a young boy.

Hernán Cortés, un hombre entre Dios y el Diablo Trailer (2016)

06 March 2016

Documentary about a controversial figure, repudiated by many and praised by others, Cortés had led to writing thousands of pages about his life and the military task for which he is known: the conquest of the great Mexica Empire of Moctezuma II.

Through the Silence Trailer (2010)

15 March 2010

In a town in Veracruz being buffeted by cold northerly winds, seven men and woman start out on paths that will change their lives.