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The Wizard of Oz Trailer (1939)

15 August 1939

One of the most famous musical films and the first film from Hollywood to use color. Young Dorothy finds herself in a magical world where she makes friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man as they make their way along the yellow brick road to talk with the Wizard and ask for the things they miss most in their lives.

Freaks Trailer (1932)

20 February 1932

A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.

The Unholy Three Trailer (1925)

16 September 1925

Three sideshow performers leave their lives of captivity and form a conspiracy known as "The Unholy Three" - a sideshow ventriloquist, midget, and strongman work together to commit a series of robberies.

Good News Trailer (1930)

22 August 1930

A college football star falls for his mousy French tutor.

Baby Brother Trailer (1927)

26 June 1927

Joe Cobb is a wealthy child who longs for a baby brother. His nursemaid takes him to the other side where he meets some kids his age (the rest of Our Gang) where Joe offers three dollars for a baby.

Sealskins Trailer (1932)

07 February 1932

In their first comedy two-reeler of 1932, vivacious Thelma Todd and fluttery ZaSu Pitts learn that the royal seal of a foreign country has been stolen and promptly set out to catch it -- a sea lion.

The Unholy Three Trailer (1930)

03 July 1930

"Talkie" remake of Tod Browning's 1925 silent film. A trio of former sideshow performers double as the "Unholy Three" in a scam to nab some shiny rocks.