Heinrich Schweiger

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The Unfish Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Bockerer Trailer (1981)

13 November 1981

A politically naive Viennese butcher (Bockerer) manages to survive the Nazi occupation of Austria ana

Sexy Susan Sins Again Trailer (1968)

26 November 1968

The German innkeeper Susan, now leading an acting troupe, travels to Italy and uses feminine wiles to undo an assassination plot against Napoleon, and rescue a local count (a great romancer) from his own enemies.

Dream City Trailer (1973)

15 November 1973

A married couple of artists move to a utopian town known for its absolute freedom, but behind the surface perversion and violence are spreading.

Frau Wirtin hat auch eine Nichte Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich Trailer (1972)

16 March 1972

A young woman pharmacist, Eva, is very friendly with a children's doctor, Dr. Fröhlich. Eva's small nephew Peter lives with her and she is often thought to be his mother.

Der Bockerer II - Österreich ist frei! Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

No overview found.

Der Bockerer IV - Prager Frühling Trailer (2003)

31 October 2003

Bomber & Paganini Trailer (1976)

06 October 1976

Meine Tochter - Deine Tochter Trailer (1972)

20 July 1972

Franz Schubert – Ein Leben in zwei Sätzen Trailer (1954)

21 January 1954

Ein Hund kam in die Küche Trailer (2002)

13 November 2002

Übernachtung in Tirol Trailer (1974)

08 October 1974

Television film.

Edelweiss Trailer (2001)

23 May 2001

Ein Richter zum Küssen Trailer (1995)

14 May 1995

A comedy directed by Otto W. Retzer.

Crazy - Total verrückt Trailer (1973)

30 May 1973

A comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb