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Helix Academy 2 Trailer (2014)

10 March 2014

The drama at the All-American Boys Academy continues with star-crossed lovers Scotty Clarke and Jessie Montgomery navigating study hall threesomes, High School heartthrobs jerking around in class and sexy secret crushes sneaking out at night.

Helix Academy Trailer (2013)

22 September 2013

The finest boys in America travel across the country to enroll at Helix Academy for it’s rich fraternal traditions, wholesome student body and classic Prep School education.

Dream Boy Trailer (2015)

06 April 2015

You never know where you might find the boy of your dreams. He could be your driver, who pulls over and whips out his hard cock to give you a different kind of ride.

Scandal at Helix Academy Trailer (2014)

14 July 2014

The third installment of the Award-Winning twink schoolboy series adds another layer of drama and intrigue to the story of the All-American Boys Academy.

Score! Trailer (2015)

22 December 2015

In this feature length, action packed super bowl of boys, Helix Studios gets physical with a compilation of some of our hottest and most popular sports scenes.

Velo Trailer (2014)

21 April 2014

The Velo bike messenger boys work long hours navigating new relationships, overbearing bosses and upset customers in an unforgiving urban environment.

Bareback Boys 4 Trailer (2016)

29 June 2016

It's barely legal bareback at it's best in this all new, full-length & condom free fuck flick from Helix Studios! From super sexy boyfriends boning to a red-hot rendezvous affair or a junior jock taking one from his teammate, this totally twink & completely raw ride is full of fine young & hung horn-dogs that you come to expect from Helix.

California Boys 2 Trailer (2016)

16 June 2016

In this latest sizzling summertime release from Helix Studios, we return to sunny California and the wild wild boys of the wild wild west! From sexy skater boys to comic book cuties, to the classic tale of an adorable small town twink transplant's big move to the big city, these gorgeous golden state sweeties prove from scene to smoldering scene that underneath the studly jock wear, hot broey attire or precious preppy duds, the beautiful boys of Cali are all the same and by "the same", we mean absolutely angelic and dreamy perfection! Don't miss a minute of this steamy sequel & fap-tastic feature film as all of your favorite jailbait bottoms & barely legal tops prove once again that the west coast is the best coast.

Sleepover Boys Trailer (2013)

18 August 2013

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for teen boys and a breeding ground for endless sexual possibilities.

Twink on Twink Trailer (2016)

20 July 2016

Those titans of twink-tainment are at it again and this time, the beautiful and barely legal bad boys of Helix Studios just might have outdone themselves in their twinkiest tug-flick yet! 'Twink on Twink' contains scene after glorious scene of the youngest, smoothest and most delicious little squirts in the industry, newly ripened & shedding their innocence right before your very eyes.

#helix: Twink Confessions 2 Trailer (2016)

23 September 2016

Our fans are the best and the boys show their appreciation by giving all they can and more! Questions have been sent via twitter and let me tell you.

Laid Off Trailer (2016)

07 October 2016

Clock in and join nine of your favorite employees doing some down right dirty deeds in the workplace! These offices embrace a hole new meaning of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and the boys are more than willing to put in a lot of overtime! In the back stock room or on top of their desks every hole is filled, licked and stuffed full of coworker cock and even an office dildo! Enjoy a bonus stock room spanking scene that leaves tight twink ass pink with pleasure.

#helix: Twink Confessions Trailer (2016)

05 October 2016

Welcome to #helix, a recurring interactive cyber sexcapade where the precious porn puppies of Helix Studios take your requests and reveal the intimate answers to fan's most probing questions from the sticky pages of social media.

Helix RealCam: Bareback Boyfriends Trailer (2015)

12 January 2015

The GoPro cameras are back to capture more amateur Porn Star action with the Helix Real Cam™. Experience the love life of Max & Kyle as they give an honest and vulnerable interview about their relationship before retreating to the privacy and comfort of their bedroom for some hard pounding action captured from every angle.

Bottoms Battle Trailer (2016)

08 September 2016

Big dicked twink bottoms are some of the most captivating boys to watch. Being young and pretty is a currency these hand picked Helix boys ALL have.

Boy Stories Trailer (2014)

23 June 2014

Every boy has a story. From the twink cousins who sneak away at family reunions to indulge in some hard fucking and forbidden love to a blue collar boy willing to give up his ass for a job, these sexy stories come packed with throbbing cocks and unforgettable cum shots.

New Boy Trailer (2016)

21 August 2016

Introducing the New Boy! Your favorite experienced Helix boys show our fresh meat the ropes. Each newbie is explored to the fullest with no question left unanswered.

Riding Raw Trailer (2016)

04 August 2016

Helix has ASSembled 10 of their HOTTEST models for a 5 star bareback fuck-fest! With the exception of some sexy shirtless gymnastics, these boys cut right to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty right quick!

Bare Youth Trailer (2016)

02 June 2016

They're young, hung and full of cum in an all new feature-length and condom free cock-buster from Helix Studios! From the classic teenage first time to extremely gifted lads showing off their super-sized swollen spots, to all around incredibly beautiful boys and their deliciously magnetic and irresistibly sexy twink fuck magic, this bareback and barely legal bone show has all of the fresh faced, jock-rocking jailbait you've come to expect from your home for the cutest newbies.

Twink Wet Dream Trailer (2013)

07 October 2013

Drift off into a sex charged dreamland where Fantasy Boys Evan Parker, Anderson Lovell, Casey Tanner and Jessie Montgomery act out your deepest desires.

Ballin' the Bae (Helix Studios) Trailer (2015)

25 August 2015

Introducing on and off screen sweethearts Aiden Garcia & Elliot Grey. In one of our first looks at these two lovely lads, we hear all about how they met and first time together.

A Boy's Fantasy Trailer (2012)

25 April 2012

Every boy should play a little dress up. Living out your fantasies is much more fun with our beautiful horny twinks.

Bareback Boys 3 Trailer (2015)

03 February 2015

Join us for the third, hottest-yet installment of Bareback Boys. This time around, we’re hitting you with even more ass-pounding encounters featuring your favorite Helix Twinks going in deep, hard, and raw.

Sensual Instinct Trailer (2016)

12 May 2016

Youth is an incredible and exciting time of physical growth and development as well as curiosity, learning and experimentation for the healthy and maturing young male in the world.

Bareback Passion Trailer (2016)

18 April 2016

It's barely legal bareback at it's best in this all new feature-length & condom free fuck flick from Helix Studios! Whether it's a sizzling summertime adventure, birthday booty breakfast-in-bed or just the first time working out or breaking in a new gym buddy, these fit & fine, young & hung, rock hard romeos with their insatiable erotic urges & super-sized sex drives find stimulation inspiration in every situation.

Bumfuck Nowhere Trailer (2014)

27 January 2014

Roughing it in the woods has brought the Bumfuck Boys closer together and made the twink and jock motley crew into unlikely friends.

Bareback Boys Trailer (2014)

12 May 2014

There’s plenty of new bareback boys to break in as Shane Hicks, Damon Archer, Adrian Rivers and Seth Andrews all make their Helix debuts.

Young Lust Trailer (2014)

08 December 2014

Young Lust is a fiery and uncontrollable craving, an appetite to touch and devour every inch of smooth skin.

Horny Heartthrobs Trailer (2016)

05 February 2016

Watch as hunkzilla muscle bro Justin Owen takes on the fit and frisky jailbait juniors of Helix Studios in this sizzling hot, fap-tastic treasure trove of twink tails.

More Twink 3 Ways Trailer (2016)

15 March 2016

The boys of Helix Studios are back at it again and good things come in three's in this brand new installment of triple fucking dick sucking three way action! One bone just isn't enough for these hard & horny packs of pups and they're all riled up & ready to get down! Join us for a "menage a twink" battle royal of big boners & beautiful behinds as we prove that for the young, hung & full of cum, the more truly is the merrier.

First Time 4 Bareback Trailer (2014)

10 February 2014

Seth Andrews, Corey Haynes, Jamie Sanders, Jordan Thomas and Nicholas Reed invite you to watch their first time.

Hot Bottoms Trailer (2016)

04 January 2016

It's booty-mania in this sizzling new backdoor adventure from Helix Studios! Starring one of our newest and sweetest red hot rookies, this rock hard rump ride features not only our strapping, young, hung & cocksure twink tops, but gives a special look at our extraordinarily beautiful & boner loving bottom boys.

Twink 3 Ways Trailer (2015)

29 June 2015

It’s been said that “two’s company, three’s a crowd”, but this collection of explosive twink 3 ways proves that when it comes to sex, “the more, the merrier”.

Raw Love Trailer (2016)

22 February 2016

Love & legs are in the air in this skinematic mastur-piece from Helix Studios! The following condom free collection is a celebration of young romance as we feature ten of our sexiest models who, together with their real life boyfriends, make up five of porn's cutest couples.

Bare Encounters Trailer (2011)

30 March 2011

Do you thirst for raw twink sex? We've got 6 incredibly hot "Bare Encounters" in high def featuring barely 18, horny American Twinks.

Best of Kyle Ross Trailer (2014)

09 June 2014

Kyle Ross is the best! The best cock sucker, the best moaner and the best bareback power bottom who always gets his tight twink ass in the perfect position to be plowed deep and hard.

Bareback Boys 2 Trailer (2014)

24 November 2014

The Bareback Boys are back to give Max Carter a dose of double dicks in a jaw dropping twink DP while new cummers Dustin Gold & Damien Wolfe cut class to fuck the day away in their hard pounding debut.

Matthew Keading Bareback Trailer (2014)

26 May 2014

Dream boy Matthew Keading is a fan favorite for his insatiable sex drive and passionate performances in six of Helix’s Top Rated scenes ever! The versatile and sultry superstar reveals his sexy nerdy side in an intimate interview before indulging every fan’s ultimate fantasy in a five-way school boy gangbang.

Balls Deep Trailer (2015)

09 December 2015

In this latest release from Helix Studios, we go long into the bedrooms and most intimate settings of not only our world famous barely legal bubble cheeked cherubs, but with a special focus on our young & hung, 100% Grade-A junior jock-tops as these masc4ass cocky colts explore the size & depths of their abilities.

Luke & Jessie's Twinkmas Trailer (2013)

02 December 2013

Boys love their toys and at this Twinkmas Party everyone gets to give and receive! Christian begins the festivities by loosening up Jessie’s tight hole for seasonal stuffing while Hayden gives Luke and Ezra his hung stocking to play with.

Twink House Party Trailer (2013)

21 July 2013

When the cat’s away the twinks will play. This is a party you don’t want to miss! Hot boys get together at Evan Parker’s house for a night of drinking, games and good old fashioned fucking.

Sex, Lies & a Briefcase Trailer (2012)

10 October 2012

This is a story of seven gorgeous boys who unwittingly get involved in a dangerous transaction. A briefcase loaded with cash is the center of four hardcore fuck sessions.

Helix Academy Extra Credit Trailer (2015)

26 October 2015

Summer's nearly over and it's time once again to check in on our favorite smooth & sexy student bodies over in the horny halls of Helix Academy.

Bareback Twink Tales Trailer (2014)

24 March 2014

Twinks have a way of finding themselves in sexy serendipitous situations. Evan Parker’s lazy day turns into a booty call to his bottom boy Jamie Sanders while an afternoon at the dog park brings blond boys Dylan Hall and Jessie Montgomery together to satisfy their puppy lust.

Big Dick Bareback Trailer (2015)

18 May 2015

Calling all size queens, big dick worshipers, and hung-hungry pole-chasers! If you enjoy nothing more than colossal-sized cocks making raw, deep impact inside ready and willing bubble butts, lube up and get ready to be totally overwhelmed.

Bang My Twink Hole Trailer (2014)

11 August 2014

Jordan Thomas is the first twink to get his hole rocked as he loses his cherry on-screen bottoming for the adorable Evan Parker.

#TwinkFap Trailer (2014)

07 April 2014

Even after fucking all the beautiful boys at Helix Studios these horny twinks still need a good fap. Casey Tanner, Christian Collins and Jordan Thomas prove that the art of making love to yourself can be even more intimate than sex! Join the smooth boys as they stroke their big thick cocks and hit all the right spots better than a partner.

Endless Summer Trailer (2014)

24 February 2014

Follow beautiful blonds Scotty Clarke, Dylan Hall and Nicholas Reed as they embark on a summer of endless pleasures.

Slumber Party Boys 2 Trailer (2012)

14 March 2012

A fresh new litter of school boys are back for another sleepover, and this time there’s no shame. Any group of boys can get experimental during a slumber party, but ours get downright hardcore.

Dirty Blonds Trailer (2015)

26 August 2015

Blonds come in all shades and sizes. This film highlights one particular variety: the young, hung, and full of cum.

Out in the Open 2 Trailer (2013)

04 November 2013

There’s nothing like a good fuck outdoors! It’s a hot summer and these twinks love to let it all hang out.

Boy Stories 3: Bareback Trailer (2015)

21 September 2015

Welcum to our third installment of Boy Stories. In this collection of jizztastic twink "tails", we find that all different types of chemistry can lead to a phenomenal fuck.

Aaron's Comeback (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

07 December 2014

It’s been a while since we last saw Helix model Aaron Felix. We've missed him and his fat, uncut latin cock so we invited him to sit in the interview chair with Andy Taylor to catch up.

Beach Threesome (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

30 November 2014

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect day but we think this is pretty hard to beat: A lazy afternoon at the beach, basking in the sun with your two best buds, followed by a sizzling evening threesome.

After Game Score (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

25 November 2014

Baseball may be “America’s Pastime” but admit it the best part of the game is the way those tight pants hug the players’ bulges and asses.

Can I Try? (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

20 November 2014

There’s no better feeling in the world than getting a brand new toy. Except maybe when you get to stick your cock in that brand new toy.

Bubble Butts Trailer (2015)

05 August 2015

What’s round, juicy, and smooth all over? This is no riddle. It’s Bubble Butts, our big-ass compilation overstuffed with the bounciest apple-bottom backsides in the business.

Beach Bang (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

28 October 2014

There's something truly beautiful about a summer fling that involves nothing more than catching a cute boy’s eye, luring him away from his friends and sneaking back to your Uncle’s bungalow for a quick fuck.

First Time 3 Trailer (2013)

21 October 2013

Get an intimate look inside the innocent virginal minds of four hot teenage boys as they recall all the expectation and excitement of getting their cherries popped.

Man on Twink Trailer (2014)

16 October 2014

Man on Twink brings together legendary Director Dominic Ford and his hung superhunks Tommy Defendi & Landon Conrad with Helix Studios own power bottom twinks for a series of dynamic fantasy scenes based on each models’ deepest sexual desires.