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Sergeant York Trailer (1941)

27 September 1941

Alvin York a hillbilly sharpshooter transforms himself from ruffian to religious pacifist. He is then called to serve his country and despite deep religious and moral objections to fighting becomes one of the most celebrated American heroes of WWI.

Paradise Canyon Trailer (1935)

19 July 1935

John Wyatt is a government agent sent to smash a counterfeiting operation near the Mexican border. Joining Doc Carter's medicine show they arrive in the town where Curly Joe, who once framed Carter, resides.

Sagebrush Trail Trailer (1933)

15 December 1933

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, John Brant escapes and ends up out west where, after giving the local lawmen the slip, he joins up with an outlaw gang.

Virginia City Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

Union officer Kerry Bradford escapes from a Confederate prison and races to intercept $5 million in gold destined for Confederate coffers.

Mountain Justice Trailer (1937)

24 April 1937

Stalwart Appalachian woman finds romance as she struggles to better herself and her people amid prejudice and familial abuse.

Voodoo Man Trailer (1944)

21 February 1944

A mad doctor (Bela Lugosi) and his helpers (John Carradine, George Zucco) lure girls to his lab for brain work, to help his wife.

West of Texas Trailer (1943)

10 May 1943

A would-be Western epic soundly defeated by an almost nonexistent budget, West of Texas was the third of 22 "Texas Rangers" oaters released by Gower Gulch company PRC from 1942-1945 in an attempt to compete with Republic's The Three Mesqueteers and Monogram's "Rough Riders" and "Range Busters.

The Return of the Rangers Trailer (1943)

26 October 1943

In this western, the Texas Rangers round up rustlers by masquerading as the same. Trouble ensues when while in disguise one of the Rangers is accused of a killing.

Enemy of the Law Trailer (1945)

07 May 1945

Charley Gray is about to be released from the state penitentiary after serving a long term for the robbery of a government gold shipment.

Santa Fe Trail Trailer (1940)

13 December 1940

As a penalty for fighting fellow classmates days before graduating from West Point, J.E.B. Stuart, George Armstrong Custer and four friends are assigned to the 2nd Cavalry, stationed at Fort Leavenworth.

Our Daily Bread Trailer (1934)

02 October 1934

John and Mary sims are city-dwellers hit hard by the financial fist of The Depression. Driven by bravery (and sheer desperation) they flee to the country and, with the help of other workers, set up a farming community - a socialist mini-society based upon the teachings of Edward Gallafent.

Earthworm Tractors Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

A salesman tries to sell a tractor to a customer who hates tractors while falling for the girl.

Cover Up Trailer (1949)

25 February 1949

In a small Midwestern town a man is found dead. Dennis O'Keefe plays an insurance investigator looking into the apparent suicide.

Going Wild Trailer (1930)

21 December 1930

Rollo and Lane just happen to be tossed off the train at White Beach where Robert Story -Air ace and writer- is supposed to stop.

The Ape Man Trailer (1943)

05 March 1943

Scientist turned into an ape man

Crossed Trails Trailer (1948)

10 April 1948

A cowboy frees a rancher framed for murder by outlaws after his ranch.

The Primrose Path Trailer (1925)

14 September 1925

Alcoholic playboy Wallace MacDonald (as Bruce Armstrong) would like to sober up and become more responsible, after a drinking accident causes him to cripple little brother Pat Moore (as Jimmy Armstrong).

The Jade Mask Trailer (1945)

26 January 1945

The latest assignment for respected yet goofy detective Charlie Chan has come directly from the government and involves the disappearance of a scientist named Harper, who was working on an extremely important serum.

The Ape Trailer (1940)

30 September 1940

A mad scientist searching for a cure for polio. Dr. Bernard Adrian is a kindly mad scientist who seeks to cure a young woman's polio.

Stolen Sweets Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

Wealthy but unhappy Patricia Belmont meets fun-loving insurance salesman Bill Smith (and his fun-loving friends Sam Ragland and Betty Harkness)on a ship cruise and falls in love, much to the annoyance of her high-society, fortune-hunting fiance Barrington Thorne.

King for a Night Trailer (1933)

09 December 1933

A prizefighter is convicted of a murder that was actually committed by his sister.

King of the Texas Rangers Trailer (1941)

03 October 1941

Tom King Jr. seeks to discover who murdered his father, a Texas Ranger; the trail leads to a network of Axis spies.

Chinatown Squad Trailer (1935)

31 May 1935

Police search for the killer of a man who misused $700,000 intended for the Chinese Communists.

Top Flat Trailer (1935)

21 December 1935

When Patsy criticises Thelma's poetry, she ups and leaves for a better standard of living.

You're a Sweetheart Trailer (1937)

26 December 1937

In this musical, the only one singer/dancer Alice Faye, made for Universal, a Broadway producer is in a quandary when he discovers that the opening of his newest big production coincides with that of a major charity event.

Murder by Television Trailer (1935)

01 October 1935

James Houghland, inventor of a new method by which television signals can be instantaneously sent anywhere in the world, refuses to sell the process to television companies, who then send agents to acquire the invention any way they can.

The Mad Monster Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

A reporter's (Johnny Downs) girlfriend's (Anne Nagel) father (George Zucco) injects a farmhand with wolf blood.

The Devil Horse Trailer (1932)

01 November 1932

Bob Norton, seeking his brother's killer, tangles with outlaws, wild horses, and a "wild" boy.

Chip of the Flying U Trailer (1939)

29 November 1939

Chip of the Flying U was Johnny Mack Brown's first western entry for 1940. Brown essays the title role of Chip Bennett, foreman of the Flying U ranch.

Winners of the West Trailer (1940)

02 July 1940

Beyond Hell's Gate Pass is territory controlled by a man who calls himself King Carter; he uses a variety of schemes to prevent the railroad from being built, for fear it will finish his control of (what he considers) his land.

Sonora Stagecoach Trailer (1944)

01 January 1944

The Trail Blazers are bringing in a prisoner to stand trial for bank robbery, when several attempts are made to kill him; convinced of the man's innocence, they arrange a trap for the real thieves.

Lightning Raiders Trailer (1945)

07 January 1945

A cowboy (Buster Crabbe) and his sidekick (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) track mail thieves to a hide-out.

Raiders of San Joaquin Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

In this western, two cowboys ride to the rescue of ranchers who are fighting to keep a land-grabber d

Apology for Murder Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

Reporter Kenny Blake (Hugh Beaumont) falls in love with scheming and possibly murderous Toni Kirkland (Ann Savage).

The Flying Serpent Trailer (1946)

01 February 1946

A demented archaeologist discovers a living, breathing serpent creature known to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl and accidentally kills his wife by giving her one of the beast's feathers, causing the creature to track her down and slaughter her.

Haunted House Trailer (1940)

21 July 1940

Teenagers try to clear a friend accused of murder.

Mary Burns, Fugitive Trailer (1935)

15 November 1935

A gangster's (Alan Baxter) ex-girlfriend (Sylvia Sidney) finds true love with a man (Melvyn Douglas) who helps her hide.

Gambling Sex Trailer (1932)

21 November 1932

A wealthy young socialite gets the gambling bug, and soon it goes from being just a fun pastime to an addiction, and she begins to lose more and more of her fortune.

Tangled Destinies Trailer (1932)

17 October 1932

An airliner makes a forced landing at night in the desert. The passengers and crew take refuge in a nearby deserted house.

The Return Of Chandu Trailer (1934)

30 September 1934

The cult of Ubasti, headquartered on the isle of Lemuria, believes that Princess Nadji of Egypt is a reincarnation of their long-dead goddess, Ossana, and intend to sacrifice her so that Ossana may be resurrected.

Gun Smoke Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

Parker, seeking revenge on Culverson, is bringing in a flood of sheep. Branning signs on at the Culverson ranch to help fight them off.

Jailbreak Trailer (1936)

05 August 1936

A reporter gets himself sent to prison so he can solve a murder behind bars.

You Can't Buy Luck Trailer (1937)

30 April 1937

When a gambler is accused of murder, the pretty orphanage employee he loves sets out to prove him innocent of the crime.

The Dude Ranger Trailer (1934)

21 September 1934

An Easterner Inherits a cattle ranch, only to discover that thousands of cattle have been stolen. He secretly signs on as a hired hand at his own ranch to discover who's stealing them.

General Spanky Trailer (1936)

11 December 1936

A small boy is instrumental in a famous Civil War victory in this Our Gang spinoff

Found Alive Trailer (1933)

11 April 1933

When a California mother loses custody of her young son to her ex-husband, she flees with the child to the jungles of Mexico with hopes of starting life anew.

Fighting to Live Trailer (1934)

06 April 1934

When attacked by two dogs, Joe Gilmore leaves them on the desert to die. Later one of the dogs saves John Blake from drowning.

Stick To Your Guns Trailer (1941)

17 September 1941

The Bar 20 boys are after Nevada and his gang of cattle rustlers. Hoppy and California join Nevada's gang under assumed names.

Song of the Wasteland Trailer (1947)

30 May 1947

. In Song of the Wasteland, Jimmy tries to uphold law and order in a tough frontier town. The villaim

Feet First Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

Ambitious shoe salesman, Harold, unknowingly meets the boss' daughter and tells her he is a leather tycoon.

The Man from Hell Trailer (1934)

28 August 1934

A cowboy recently released from prison is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town where he finds trouble everywhere.

Pilot X Trailer (1936)

01 December 1936

Aircraft are being shot down by a large black plane with a big "X" painted on the wing. The chief suspects are invited for the weekend to an old dark mansion.

Unknown Blonde Trailer (1934)

23 April 1934

An unprincipled hustler who makes his living getting--or making up--evidence in divorce cases finds that he's framing his own daughter.

Northern Frontier Trailer (1935)

01 February 1935

A Mountie sets out to infiltrate and break up a gang of counterfeiters.

Murder in the Big House Trailer (1942)

11 April 1942

When a prisoner on Death Row is "accidentally" killed just before his execution, a reporter smells something fishy.

Queen of Broadway Trailer (1942)

24 November 1942

There are no queens and very little Broadway (except for an opening establishing shot) in Queen of Broadway.

The Secret Witness Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

A wealthy, cheating husband is found murdered in his penthouse apartment. The police soon arrest a suspect, but the victim's downstairs neighbor believes the man is innocent and sets out to prove who really committed the murder.

The Secrets of Wu Sin Trailer (1932)

15 December 1932

A murder mystery about the smuggling of illegal Chinese aliens into America through Chinatown.

Boss of Hangtown Mesa Trailer (1942)

21 August 1942

It is now an accepted fact that the best of Johnny Mack Brown's Universal westerns were directed by the talented Joseph H.

Inside Information Trailer (1934)

24 September 1934

Lloyd Wilson, trusted employee of an investment firm, is suspected of theft when $20,000 in security bonds is stolen from his office.