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Pulse Trailer (2001)

10 February 2001

After one of their friends commits suicide, strange things begin happening to a group of young Tokyo residents.

Memories of Matsuko Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

While combing through the belongings of his recently deceased aunt, Matsuko, nephew Sho pieces together the crucial events that sank Matsuko's life into a despairing tragedy.

Tokyo! Trailer (2008)

14 May 2008

Tokyo! is an anthology of three short films by directors Michel Gondry (France), Leos Carax (France) and Joon-ho Bong (Korea), each of whom offers an imaginative and transnatural/supernatural glimpse into the Tokyo Megapolis.

Linda Linda Linda Trailer (2005)

23 July 2005

A group of four high school girls decide to put together a band for their school cultural festival. Three days before they are to play the festival, the guitarist and singer quit the band.

Sakuran Trailer (2006)

07 December 2006

A young girl is sold into the red-light district Yoshiwara and is put under the care of the oiran (lead prostitute) of the Tamakiku house.

Strange Tales of Love and Strangers Trailer (2017)

04 February 2017

A Taiwanese girl Yuwen comes to a village of Fukushima to study abroad. She thinks falling-in-love is a stupid thing and the land is unusually dry as Yuwen’s heart because of no rains.

Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer (2014)

01 March 2014

A young girl named Kiki (Fuka Koshiba) must leave her home for a year to begin training in witchcraft.

No One's Ark Trailer (2003)

07 April 2003

If Jim Jarmusch were reincarnated as a Japanese twentysomething, "No One's Ark" is what he would probably make.

Captive Files II Trailer (2003)

04 October 2003

A train station worker just recently released on charges of kidnapping and confinement repeats his crime and attempts to gain the trust of a young girl.

Kanikôsen Trailer (2009)

04 July 2009

On board at the boat Kanikosen, where fish and crabs preserves, forced workers to work under miserable conditions, with minimum wages.

I Just Didn't Do It Trailer (2007)

20 January 2007

A young man fights for his freedom after he is accused of groping a girl on train.

Dog in a Sidecar Trailer (2007)

23 June 2007

The film begins in the present, with its heroine, Kaoru (Mimura), a grown-up woman working as a real-estate agent, while helping out the folksy proprietor (Minori Terada) of a neighborhood fishing pond.

April Bride Trailer (2009)

09 May 2009

On April 5, 2007, a couple married in a church. At first glance, it was a typical wedding. The bride, however, was suffering from late-stage breast cancer and had been given only a month to live.

Joker Game Trailer (2015)

31 January 2015

Set along a backdrop of a fictitious second world war at an international city in Asia. In Japan, Lieutenant Colonel Yuki (Yusuke Iseya) recommends the creation of spy training school "D Kikan".

Permanent Nobara Trailer (2010)

22 May 2010

Newly divorced Naoko returns to her hometown to work at beauty salon Permanent Nobara, which is run by her mother.

Prisoner/Terrorist Trailer (2007)

02 February 2007

During a suicide attack on an airport, the hand grenade of 'M', one of three terrorists, malfunctions, leaving him captured.

Dôtei hôrôki Trailer (2009)

08 August 2009

Based on the novel of the same name by Atsushi Koyano.

Seventh Code Trailer (2013)

13 November 2013

Akiko, a young woman, comes to Vladivostok to meet Matsunaga, a young businessman she has met in Tokyo only once.

Black Dawn Trailer (2012)

02 June 2012

Japan falls into chaos after the earthquake in eastern Japan. The Japanese government then learns from the American CIA that uranium is being smuggled in Japan.

Hazy Life Trailer (1999)

01 October 1999

Tsutomu meets Kee outside a Pachinko hall. The two strike up an unlikely friendship.

A Chain of Cursed Murders Trailer (2006)

25 February 2006

Some high school girls receive an mail in they are told about a girl who was raped, became pregnant, and murdered by a group of men.

Talk, Talk, Talk Trailer (2007)

26 May 2007

The movie revolves around Mitsuba, who studies traditional art of rakugo. Rakugo is a form of comical story telling, sometimes referred to as sit-down comedy.

Ramblers Trailer (2003)

10 September 2003

Tsuboi and Kinoshita have just arrived at a desolate town. Both of them are amateur filmmakers. Tsuboi is a screenwriter and Kinoshita a director.

Accidental Kidnapper Trailer (2010)

03 April 2010

Yuukai Rhapsody follows a man who is stuck in a rut, no personal life and no cash lead him to the drastic decision of kidnapping a rich boy, unbeknownst to him the boy's father is a yakuza boss! With the yakuza and the police hot on his tail he is forced to take the boy and go on the run, somehow during the journey kidnapper and kidnappee begin to develop a friendship with one another.

Cream Lemon Trailer (2004)

25 September 2004

Based on the classic adult manga of the same title, this film depicts the love between a stepbrother and sister discovered one weekend when their parents go away.

Zero Man vs. The Half-Virgin Trailer (2011)

01 October 2011

Sakuragi realizes that, when he becomes aroused, he can see how many sex partners someone has had.

Rabazu: Ou Onna Trailer (2010)

10 July 2010

This psychological film follows for several days a very shy young adult woman, a loner with a good heart, who has the misfortune of growing up with obsessional attraction to rubber clothing, the attraction that potentially could make her a target for social rejection.

Colors Trailer (2006)

15 July 2006

Baumkuchen Trailer (2007)

27 September 2007

Four different worlds are connected through the "Baumkuchen Seeds of Happiness." The World of the Kawanobe's - Three brothers, Taro (Mame Yamada), Jiro (Hiroshi Yamamoto), and Hiroto (Shoichi Honda) who is a so-called NEET (short for "Not in Employment, Education, or Training) make up the Kawanobe household.