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The Gate of Youth Trailer (1981)

15 January 1981

The story of Shinsuke, a young man who lives through a stormy life as a poverty-stricken coal miner. Ranging from Shinsuke's infanthood to his mid-teens.

Glowing Autumn Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A very beautiful Japanese woman is in love with Persian carpets. She is being chased by lecherous Saburi Shin and a handsome young photographer.

Four Seasons: Natsuko Trailer (1980)

06 August 1980

Natsuko is a woman of 20 who feels entrapped in her long-running relationship with another man—she wants out of a "nowhere" life and into something better.

Variation Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

The man who lives in the past and The woman who abandoned a past. They were lovers 10 years ago, and had met again in Paris.

Good-bye Moscow Trailer (1968)

27 March 1968

Ex-jazz pianist turned promoter finds he is successful, but empty. When an entrepreneur sends him to Moscow with a jazz combo, he falls in with the dissident youth of the city, and again finds life empty.

A Single Drop of Water in a Mighty River Trailer (2001)

01 September 2001

The story opens with Yukiko and her business partner in Moscow searching for Russian items for their store in Tokyo.