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The 7 Grandmasters Trailer (1977)

20 March 1977

An aged Kung Fu practitioner travels across China, challenging the best Grandmaster from each province to prove his mastery of martial arts.

World of the Drunken Master Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Chan Hui Lau stars in this vintage martial arts film as Chang, the owner of a winery and master of Drunken Boxing, a deadly kung fu technique that, as the name implies, requires its practitioner to be drunk.

Return of the 18 Bronzemen Trailer (1976)

14 August 1976

Despite the national resistance, the Manchurians have taken over China, but the Ching Emperor fears that the Shaolin Temple disciples would overthrow the dynasty.

Sorrowful to a Ghost Trailer (1970)

11 June 1970

As Meng (Ma Kei), master of Patience School prepares to announce his successor, a rival swordsman named Dare Devil kills him.