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To Kill with Intrigue Trailer (1977)

22 July 1977

Young master Cao Le chases his pregnant girlfriend away from the family castle. He does it in order to save her from vicious bandits who are going to murder his family.

The Valiant Ones Trailer (1975)

19 February 1975

A righteous husband-and-wife swordfighting duo struggle to protect China from the machinations of Japanese pirates and corrupt officials.

A Touch of Zen Trailer (1971)

17 November 1971

Ming dynasty noblewoman Yang must escape from the evil eunuch Hsu. She seeks refuge at a decrepit town where she gets assistance from a naive scholar & a group of mysterious yet powerful monks.

Temptress Moon Trailer (1996)

09 May 1996

Set in the decadent 1920s, Temptress Moon tells the very complicated story of a wealthy family living on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Dragon Inn Trailer (1967)

21 October 1967

General Yu is executed after having been accused of treason by the powerful eunuchs, and his children will be deported.

The Invincible Sword Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

During the Sung dynasty, Ch'in Kuei, a corrupt premier, orders the arrest of Yüeh Fei, an heroic general.

Legend of the Mountain Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A scholar, tasked to copy a sutra, meets with a mysterious old lady and her daughter in the mountains.

The Face Behind the Mask Trailer (1977)

13 May 1977

When the three most feared fighters in the land are defeated by The First Family and leader Chen Tien Wei is elected Chief of the Martial World, the treachery that follows will find the noble leader attempting to uncover the traitor that has poisoned the clan from the inside in a dazzling martial arts epic from Chen Chi Hua.

Great Hunter Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Wang Yu plays a military captain who forms a bond with orphaned Chia Ling. Together they comb the Taiwanese countryside in search of the person or persons who murdered Chia's father.

Sex, Love, and Hate Trailer (1974)

23 March 1974

shaw production

The Greatest Plot Trailer (1977)

11 July 1977

In a coup against an abusive king, a group of young fighters encounters deadly booby traps and lethal weaponry when its members storm a palace to end the reign of terror.

Raining in the Mountain Trailer (1979)

11 July 1979

An esquire and a General eyes a priceless handwritten scroll by Tripitaka, held in a Temple library. The Abbot of the Temple selects his successor.

The Fate of Lee Khan Trailer (1973)

06 December 1973

Chinese rebels battle Mongol warriors in a desert inn.

Neverending Memory Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Yeh's directorial debut film pays tribute to the golden years of Taiwanese-dialect films in the 1960s.

The Last Duel Trailer (1981)

28 March 1981

Lu Shao Fung and Seeman Chelsea start a sword duel over one of the men's wives. Lu pursues Seeman, but loses him.

Shaolin Kung-Fu Mystagogue Trailer (1977)

13 October 1977

An old Shaolin student -- turned evil -- wants to return to his old school to obtain the secrets of the final deadly style of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Seven Spirit Pagoda Trailer (1976)

28 August 1976

The Tang emperor is betrayed by one of his most trusted aides who is the general of all the armies. He attacks the palace to establish himself as the new emperor.

The Lost Kung Fu Secrets Trailer (1979)

30 November 1979

The morale of the army is low as the countess sets out to overthrow the enemy army..

The Deadly Silver Spear Trailer (1977)

30 June 1977

Silver Spear (Jimmy Wang Yu) is a deadly Kung Fu bounty hunter who has been hired to kill three martial arts experts.

Everlasting Glory Trailer (1976)

19 July 1976

A Chinese national policy film