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Nova Zembla Trailer (2011)

23 November 2011

Nova Zembla tells the gripping true story of the legendary failed mission of the late sixteenth century Dutch flotilla trying to find a trading route to Asia across the North Pole.

Tonio Trailer (2016)

13 October 2016

On 23 May 2010, 21-year-old Tonio van der Heijden was hit by a car and taken in a critical condition to hospital, where he died.

In My Father's Garden Trailer (2016)

25 February 2016

The story of a loving man and father who falls under the influence of an extremely orthodox Protestant sect.

Off Screen Trailer (2005)

03 February 2005

March 11th, 2002. John R. takes the head of security and 17 others hostage in Amsterdam biggest skyscraper.

Kilkenny Cross Trailer (2006)

07 February 2006

I don't know who I am - that's what it is', the seventeen-year-old curly redhead Jordi grumbles to his tough girlfriend.

Staatsgevaarlijk Trailer (2005)

30 January 2005

The Province Trailer (1991)

19 September 1991

Frank de Roover returns to the village of his birth, Portland. There he reconnects with his childhood friends Peter and Koos, as well as the girl all three of them fell in love with, Lili.