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My Life as a Dog Trailer (1985)

12 December 1985

A boy and his brother don't get along well. In order to let their ill mother rest, they are separated and sent to different relatives.

Tuppen Trailer (1981)

03 September 1981

In 1944, Cederqvist comes to a small cloth factory to see how the all-women employees can work more efficiently.

The Slingshot Trailer (1993)

24 September 1993

Stocholm in the 1920s. Young Roland lives with his socialist father, Jewish mother and a boxing brother.

House of Angels Trailer (1992)

21 February 1992

In a small village in Västergötland, everything is turned upside-down when the local loner dies and his cottage is inherited by his unknown relative Fanny.

Beck 19 - Gamen Trailer (2006)

19 December 2006

Swedish politician John Veden vanishes without a trace. There's no hint he's dead yet but Beck's team gets the case due to Police Chief Oberg's friendship with the man whom she dined with him the evening before he vanished.

Murder at the Savoy Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A famous industrialist is murdered at a restaurant in Malmoe. Police inspector Martin Beck in Stockholm gets the case.

Beck 21 - Den japanska shungamålningen Trailer (2007)

06 April 2007

After a woman buys a Japanese shunga painting from an auction and later is found murdered in a hotel in Stockholm, the police gets dragged into a murder investigation where they meet the dark side of the art world.

Beck 20 - Advokaten Trailer (2007)

21 February 2007

A laywer suddenly dissapears and no one knows when or why.

Beck 24 - I Guds namn Trailer (2007)

10 November 2007

A paparazzi photographer gets brutally murdered in Stockholm. His apartment is searched and the computer together with photo equipment is missing.

Beck - Skarpt läge Trailer (2006)

27 June 2006

Beck and his team are not afraid to go beyond simple homicide cases and reach across borders. They find themselves at odds with the Intelligence service, as they discover seedy underworld transactions and links.

Kommer du med mig då Trailer (2003)

13 November 2003

"Kommer du med mig då" Is a film about love. A film about the love of life, love of truth and love between two people who do not understand that they love each other.

White Trash Trailer (2006)

03 February 2006

A single dog hairdresser meets romance when spending a weekend at a health resort.

Sex hopp och kärlek Trailer (2005)

05 August 2005

A drama about the power of Love, the lust for Sex, and the need for Hope. Birgit is stuck in an uneventful, everyday life with her husband Lennart and their teenage daughter.

BlackJack Trailer (1990)

07 October 1990

Kaj, Lennart and Robert are 30-somethings who goes out to dance every weekend. At one dance they meet Inger, whom Kaj falls in love with.

Ett Enklare Liv Trailer (2008)

26 September 2008

No overview found.

Wallander - The Secret Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

Eleven-year-old Johannes is found dead in a barn after he has been sexually abused. Lindman is charged with telling the father, whom he knows from a local shooting club, but is taken off the case for previous unprofessional contact and pursues his own investigations.

Reine & Mimmi i fjällen! Trailer (1997)

14 August 1997

Mimmi starts to get enough, Reine just work all the time and watching TV. At last Reine has to choose, either they go to vacation together or Mimmi goes alone and if she does she can't promise that she will come back.

The Man on the Balcony Trailer (1993)

26 November 1993

A serial-killer attacks and murders young girls in the parks of Stockholm. The police have trouble finding any evidence to find the killer.

En Liten julsaga Trailer (1999)

11 November 1999

Tartuffe - hycklaren Trailer (1997)

05 January 1997

The Fire Engine That Disappeared Trailer (1993)

02 July 1993

A routine mission ends up in a flaming inferno when a house suddenly explodes. It looks like a spectacular suicide attempt but the technical investigation reveals unexpected evidence.