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Inga Landgré (born 6 August 1927) is a Swedish film actress. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (2011)

14 December 2011

This English-language adaptation of the Swedish novel by Stieg Larsson follows a disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, as he investigates the disappearance of a weary patriarch's niece from 40 years ago.

The Seventh Seal Trailer (1957)

16 February 1957

When disillusioned Swedish knight Antonius Block returns home from the Crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death, he challenges Death to a chess match for his life.

Dreams Trailer (1955)

22 August 1955

In Stockholm, the fashion photographer Susanne Frank misses her married lover Henrik Lobelius that lives in Gothenburg with his wife and children, and the naive twenty years old model Doris has a troubled relationship with her boy friend Palle Palt.

A Holy Mess Trailer (2015)

13 November 2015

A comedy about the new alternative family and how different family situations and relationships come to a head during the premier family weekend.

Hugo and Josephine Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

Josefin is a six year old girl who lives isolated in the countryside, where her father is a priest. She has no friends until she meets Hugo.

The Best Intentions Trailer (1992)

24 May 1992

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the daughter of a rich family in Uppsala.

Deathly Compulsion Trailer (1999)

12 March 1999

A present-day thriller about a man with a needle in his brain. This needle poisons his mind and tortures him with morbid thoughts and an urge to kill.

The House of Shadows Trailer (1996)

19 March 1996

Class 7A are on a school trip in Gotland. Class supervisor Gia believes a restless soul is haunting the house they're staying in.

Brink of Life Trailer (1958)

31 March 1958

Set in a hospital where three women meet either because they have been through an abortion or are due to give birth.

Mord, lilla vän Trailer (1955)

26 February 1955

A member of "Sjöbjörnarna" (a group of executives), asks the newspaper editor Dick Mattson to find Brita Ljungdahl, the former wife of another of the members.

Crisis Trailer (1946)

25 February 1946

A small-town piano teacher is shocked by the arrival of her foster daughter's real mother, whose young lover soon follows and causes further disruption.

Kejsarn av Portugallien Trailer (1991)

31 December 1991

TV Mini-Series

Irene Huss 5: Eldsdansen Trailer (2008)

09 July 2008

A series of arsons is affecting Gothenburg. The leads brings Irene Huss to an unsolved case that happened 15 years ago.

Lamento Trailer (2014)

09 October 2014

Magdalena is struggling to cope with a major crisis in her life: some time ago her daughter Sara committed suicide.

Sunshine Follows Rain Trailer (1946)

26 December 1946

18th century in the north of Sweden. A story of forbidden love between farmer's daughter Marit and Jon, the scorned result of an extramarital affair between a girl Marit's father Germund once loved and a gypsy fiddle player.

Eva Trailer (1948)

26 December 1948

Marine Bo Fredriksson is travelling home on a leave. He reminisce about an accident he caused as a 12-year old which killed a young girl, an event that has made him feel revulsion for death.

Nina Frisk Trailer (2007)

09 March 2007

Nina Frisk is a flight attendant who loves flying. She is happy above the clouds, far away from her dysfunctional family and superficial love life.

Rosen på tistelön Trailer (1945)

05 August 1945

Smuggler's daughter fall in love with the son of a customs inspector.

Private Bom Trailer (1948)

15 December 1948

The station-master Fabian Bom is a very meticulous person, and he makes sure that the trains leaves exactly - on the second.

Tull-Bom Trailer (1951)

25 June 1951

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl.

Korridoren Trailer (1968)

11 December 1968

A newly graduated doctor finds trauma too heavy in everyday work of the hospital. He is constantly facing new demands which ultimately threatens to overpower him.

Det är aldrig för sent Trailer (1956)

17 March 1956

Görel and Arne are about to get a divorce. Görel thinks back on how history has repeated itself within her family.

Flyg-Bom Trailer (1952)

22 December 1952

The meticulous Fabin Bom is called up for military service in the airforce.

The Balloon Trailer (1946)

07 October 1946

Maj på Malö Trailer (1947)

22 October 1947

A con artist arrives to a small island to swingle money from the fishermen.

Stimulantia Trailer (1967)

28 March 1967

Stimulantia is a 1967 Swedish anthology film comprising eight episodes by eight different directors including Ingmar Bergman, Jörn Donner, Gustaf Molander and Vilgot Sjöman and starring among others Ingrid Bergman, Harriet Andersson, Gunnar Björnstrand, Lars Ekborg and Inga Landgré.

While the City Sleeps Trailer (1950)

08 September 1950

Jompa is unemployed - and not keen on getting a job. He still lives with his parents who are tired of his attitude about employment and regular hours.

Farlig vår Trailer (1949)

28 February 1949

A young prostitute, Gullan Svan, is murdered one night. The police suspects that the murderer is a student, since she had a lot of students as customers.

Vi på Väddö Trailer (1958)

13 October 1958

Law graduate Ylva Markner spends the summer on the island of Väddö, where she gets involved in a quarrel concerning a last will.

Medan porten var stängd Trailer (1946)

26 December 1946

The film follows a number of people in an apartment building during a night full of dramatic events and entanglements.

Dumbom Trailer (1953)

26 December 1953

Two twins, separated at birth, meet again by chance many years later. One is a progressive but insensitive mayor of a small town, the other a clown at a circus.

Synnöve Solbakken Trailer (1957)

25 November 1957

From Bjørnson's novels about romance in 19th century Norway.

Wedding Night Trailer (1947)

05 February 1947

It is a great day for Albert and Yvonne. They will finally get divorced. Together with their lawyers they celebrate their new happy lives without each other, and all the fighting.

En drömmares vandring Trailer (1957)

25 March 1957

Biopic of poet Dan Andersson.

Amorosa Trailer (1986)

14 March 1986

This well-executed biographical docudrama is a plunge into the madness (and the sanity) of a writer living life on its rawest edges.