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Ingar Helge Gimle er en norsk teater- og filmskuespiller. 

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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead Trailer (2014)

12 February 2014

The gruesome Nazi Zombies are back to finish their mission, but our hero is not willing to die. He is gathering his own army to give them a final fight.

Cave Trailer (2016)

02 September 2016

A group of former military elites set out to explore an uncharted abyss, not knowing their worst nightmare is waiting for them deep beneath the ground.

Los Bando Trailer (2018)

16 February 2018

Los Bando Immortale is a crazy road movie about a young band from Norway who set out on a journey across the country to attend the National Championship of Rock in a race against time, the police and their parents.

Uro Trailer (2006)

25 August 2006

Turning his back on a delinquent past and joining the police force, HP is determined to start doing the right thing.

Cold Lunch Trailer (2008)

01 February 2008

Bird droppings on a work shirt lead to extreme unintended consequences.

Victoria Trailer (2013)

01 March 2013

A tragic love affair between Victoria and Johannes. She's the daughter of a rich estate owner and he's the son of a poor miller.

I Am Dina Trailer (2002)

08 March 2002

In Northern Norway during the 1860s, a little girl named Dina accidentally causes her mother's death.

Wolf Summer Trailer (2003)

28 February 2003

The young Norwegian girl Kim almost gets killed after falling from a hillside. She finds shelter and stumbles upon the territory of a wolf and her puppy.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Trailer (1994)

08 May 1994

The young teenager Otto is entering the summer holidays in 60'ies Oslo, without getting a real holiday, and he is not accepted in the gang or the football team.

People in the Sun Trailer (2011)

04 March 2011

Two couples decide to spend their Midsummer holiday together and make it an evening to remember — a traditional summer comedy, except for the fact that it's the end of the world.

Curling King Trailer (2011)

23 September 2011

Once a great curling star, Truls Paulsen is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and banned from competition.

Most People Live in China Trailer (2002)

07 June 2002

A movie inspired by eight Norwegian political parties, written by six writers and directed by nine directors: a man gets a nasty surprise skinny dipping, a cow eats a cell phone, a lesbian couple loses a child, a blind girl sells dubious lottery tickets, a boy falls in love, a man picks up a hitchhiker, three girls get help from a man in pajamas, and nine old men find a young girl stuck in a swamp.

Markus and Diana Trailer (1996)

24 April 1996

A moment of false bravado and some imaginative letters allow shy, anxiety-ridden, thirteen-year-old Markus to connect with a Hollywood star, but when she returns home to Norway she wants to meet the thirty-six-year-old millionaire she believes him to be.

Crack, Back & Sack Trailer (2013)

16 July 2013

The story of Karl, Christian and Leo will forever change the way you view the relationship between men and women.

En helt vanlig dag på jobben Trailer (2010)

12 March 2010

A young man dreams of becoming a journalist, in order to write stories which may change the world. This does not turn out as planned, and instead he ends up as a reporter for the celebrity magazine Se og Hør.

Dead Men In The Skitrack Trailer (2018)

15 June 2018

During the easter weekend murder fanatic, playboy and millionare Sverre Hartkorn invites up his seven closest friends to the desolated Blåkamhytta for a murder mystery.

Doctor Proctor: Bubble in the Bathtub Trailer (2015)

16 October 2015

The lovesick Doctor Proctor has traveled back in time in a desperate attempt to alter history. He wants to stop the wedding between his beloved Juliette and the terrible Claude Cliché, but is trapped in time.

The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold Trailer (2009)

30 January 2009

The story is set in the 1960s. Norwegian engineers are searching for oil and our main character, Egon Olsen, convinces his friends to buy stocks in the oil market In the process, Egon, stumbles upon a scheme to fool the Norwegian Government that there is indeed no traces of oil in the North Sea.

Going West Trailer (2018)

05 January 2018

An unemployed music teacher takes his estranged transsexual father on a road trip to the west coast of Norway, in order to honor his late mother's excellent quilting skills.

Night of the Wolf Trailer (2008)

29 February 2008

During a live broadcast of a talk show on a TV channel, a group of armed Chechens terrorists take several hostages.

Det finnes noen som er mindre enn Anna Trailer (1992)

13 June 1992

A fearless little girl hitchhiking alone. Or is she alone? Anna has a plan, there is something she is looking for.

Flicker Trailer (2012)

20 September 2012

There is something going on in the small town of Backberga. The towns proud telecom company Unicom is just about to launch a new modern profile when they discover that there is something lurking in the outskirts of Backberga.

Tina & Bettina - The Movie Trailer (2012)

07 September 2012

In Western Europe, on the west side of Scandinavia, on the west side of Oslo, is the greatest place on earth - Smestad.

Dunderland Trailer (2012)

30 November 2012

Dunderland Valley, 1695. A young maiden is accused of witchcraft. Her persecutors end her life in the bottomless pits of the Djupkista Waters.

Returning Home Trailer (2015)

27 February 2015

Two young brothers are forced to track down their absent father, having recently returned from service in Afghanistan, after he disappears during a reindeer hunt in the mountains.

Bloody Angels Trailer (1998)

26 December 1998

A few months after a girl with developmental disabilities is murdered in the remote village Høtten, the two young men who most townsfolk think killed her go missing.

Little Grey Fergie Saves The Farm Trailer (2017)

07 April 2017

Gustav and his friend Gråtass have to save their farm from evil bureaucrats who are trying to close it down.

Mirakel Trailer (2006)

24 December 2006

Absolutt Blåmandag Trailer (1999)

29 January 1999

John and Siri Lill are a couple who have been together for most of their forty something years, but are yet to be married.

Alene menn sammen Trailer (2006)

26 December 2006

Thomas breaks down after his girlfriend leaves him, and starts going to therapy groups.

Gamle Venner Trailer (2014)

01 April 2014

Two older German men are headed for Southern Norway in their Trabant in 1990. They're going back to "old haunts", to a beach they left in the days of May 1945.

Dawn Trailer (2014)

30 September 2014

MORGENRØDE takes place at the beginning of a new eon, in a water polluted world years after a global fall.

Cold and Dry Trailer (2008)

14 June 2008

At the Federal Beurau of People Preservation, every problem in the world is solved swiftly and painlessly.

Hold My Heart Trailer (2002)

22 March 2002

Tyven, Tyven ("Hold My Heart") follows the tense relationship between a father and his young daughter.

Idyll Trailer (2010)

21 June 2010

Two tourists on a beach suddenly witness our indifference wash ashore. A film with a different perspective on the anxiety we feel and the dilemma we're faced with when confronted with other people's suffering.

Siste Runde Trailer (2009)

15 January 2009

A woman shadow boxes in a boxing ring. She conjures up visions of people from their lives and defeats them in the ring.

Du skal ikke... Trailer (2005)

07 January 2005

Amelia think it's time to clean up a few things. She sends for the local Catholic priest. He gets a surprise when he visits Amelia and her grandson Joseph.

Hører du ikke hva jeg sier! Trailer (1995)

08 September 1995

"Så sjeldent som en virkelig morsom norsk komedie. Bildene og situasjonene bytter kjapt, så heng på! En grei historie om Stand-up-mannen som mistet tråden og kona tar over showet med dundrende suksess.

Bare en lek Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Five sunbathing teenage girls find a sleeping man in the bushes and start to play a game, but it all goes a bit too far.