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As It Is in Heaven Trailer (2004)

03 September 2004

A musical romantic tragedy about a famous composer who moves back to his small hometown after having had heart troubles.

Bamse and the Witch's Daughter Trailer (2016)

25 December 2016

In Bamse and the Witch’s daughter Croesus Vole finds gold in the beavers' dam. To demolish the dam and get the gold he tricks the witch's daughter Lova to enchant Bamse.

Så olika Trailer (2009)

06 November 2009

"Så olika" is a comedy about love, evolving around two sisters. It's about falling madly in love with your worst enemy, about people meeting despite being complete opposites.

Dubbel-8 Trailer (2000)

03 November 2000

The arrival of a beautiful new stranger in town prompts two boys to spend their summer holidays enticing the young woman to act in a short-film.

Crestfallen Trailer (2013)

12 April 2013

When Tuva's parents die in a car crash, she learns that she is adopted. Disappointed with those around her for never telling her the truth, she sets off with her own daughter in search of her biological mother.

Tommy Trailer (2014)

14 March 2014

After a year abroad Estelle returns home to collect her husband's share of the loot from a major robbery.

Nylon Trailer (2015)

18 December 2015

During a family weekend in the Swedish wilderness, 17-year-old Victor draws closer to his beautiful, cancer-ill aunt, but fails to notice the wary eyes with which the rest of the family watches her.

Jesus lever Trailer (2000)

16 February 2000

In an idyllic small town unpleasant things happen. A pastor gets upset by the wife walking on hot coals, his former wife's grave is desecrated and his son's girlfriend suddenly disappears.

Grynnan Trailer (1996)

03 February 1996

"The Reef" - Paula, is in an acute crisis after her child died in sudden infant death. She takes the boat to the archipelago island where her husband Simon and Benjamin, her brother in law, are.