Irmgard Först

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Peterchen's Mondfahrt Trailer (1959)

25 December 1959

The Swiss Conspiracy Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Filmed on location in Zurich, Switzerland, The Swiss Conspiracy is concerned with a Swiss bank that discovers some of its clients are becoming the victim of a brilliant blackmailer.

Ways in the Night Trailer (1979)

09 September 1979

Friedrich is a wealthy, handsome German soldier fighting in World War II. His unit is stationed in Poland and occupies the estate of Countess Elzbieta.

Geistertrio Trailer (1977)

01 November 1977

Samuel Beckett directs for German television.

He Joe Trailer (1979)

12 September 1979

Samuel Beckett directs a second production of Eh Joe for German television, after the first one of 1966.