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Isabella Ferrari (born 31 March 1964), is the stage name of Isabella Fogliazza, an Italian actress of television, theatre and the cinema. She is best known as the protagonist, Commissioner Giovanna Scalise in the police drama series Distretto di Polizia (Police District) and Distretto di Polizia 2 (Police District 2) which was televised on Mediaset's Canale 5 from 2000 to 2001. At the 1995 Venice Film Festival she won a Volpi Cup award for Best Supporting Actress in the film Romanzo di un giovane povero.

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To Rome with Love Trailer (2012)

20 April 2012

Four tales unfold in the Eternal City: While vacationing in Rome, architect John encounters a young man whose romantic woes remind him of a painful incident from his own youth; retired opera director Jerry discovers a mortician with an amazing voice, and he seizes the opportunity to rejuvenate his own flagging career; a young couple have separate romantic interludes; a spotlight shines on an ordinary man.

A Perfect Day Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Antonio and Emma have been separated for years, but he does not accept when Emma dates other men. Indeed Antonio proves obsessive, aggressive and intrusive, and again threatens Emma to hurt the children: little Kevin, shy and introverted, and the adolescent Valentina.

Quiet Chaos Trailer (2008)

01 February 2008

Pietro is a successful businessman with a wife and a daughter. One day he helps his brother save two women from drowning at the beach.

Fracchia Against Dracula Trailer (1985)

20 December 1985

Fracchia is desperate: he has to sell a house within three days, or otherwise his boss will fire him. Mister Filini comes to him, but he asks the impossible, a house with at least five bathrooms for a few thousand dollars. Incredibly, they find a house, a castle in Transylvania which happens to be own by a count Vlad... Filini doesn't want to buy the castle without seeing it first, so the two of them travel to Transylvania, where they meet the count and his sister, who has a crush on Fracchia and decides to marry him!

The Seed of Discord Trailer (2008)

05 September 2008

On the day she learns of her pregnancy, a woman (Caterina Murino) also finds out that her husband (Alessandro Gassman) is sterile.

Domani mi sposo Trailer (1984)

07 February 1984

Good King Dagobert Trailer (1984)

22 August 1984

King's Dagobert I intestinal and sexual problems loom large as he survives an attack on his royal caravan then barely makes it to Rome to personally give thanks to the Pope.

The Goodbye Kiss Trailer (2006)

24 February 2006

Giorgio Pellegrini, a former left-wing activist turned terrorist has fled to Central America and fought with a guerrilla movement.

E la chiamano estate Trailer (2012)

22 November 2012

Dino and Anna are a couple in their forties. Their relationship is hardly conventional: in fact, it is unconsummated.

Love Me Trailer (2005)

01 February 2005

Married for 20 years since the age of 15, Nina's husband suddenly decides to leave her.

The Medicine Seller Trailer (2013)

15 November 2013

A farmaceutical salesman is involved in the spiral of corruption in the medical assistance of the welfare state system.

Time for Loving Trailer (1983)

17 February 1983

A comedy about the adventures of several families during their sea vacations.

Sapore di mare 2 Trailer (1984)

02 May 1984

Doppio agguato Trailer (2003)

05 October 2003

Nicholas’ Gift Trailer (1998)

21 April 1998

Fact based drama about an American couple on vacation in Italy in 1994 with their two children who are attacked and shot by highway bandits.

Uno per tutti Trailer (2015)

26 November 2015

L'Anniversaire Trailer (2005)

21 September 2005

K Trailer (1997)

27 August 1997

È Stato la mafia Trailer (2013)

07 February 2013

It was the Mafia (È Stato la mafia) is a book of 2014 written by Marco Travaglio and published by Chiarelettere .

Escoriandoli Trailer (1996)

07 September 1996

Eisfieber Trailer (2010)

24 January 2010

No overview found.

Due partite Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Romanzo di un giovane povero Trailer (1995)

29 September 1995

Two neighbors, young Vincenzo and old Mr. Bartoloni, are utterly unhappy. On the one hand Vincenzo must lead a miserable and frustrating life as he cannot find any regular job, despite his Arts degree.

Holy Tongue Trailer (2000)

14 September 2000

No overview found.

Vite in sospeso Trailer (1998)

01 September 1998

Il Ras del quartiere Trailer (1983)

29 December 1983

Gangsters Trailer (1992)

01 February 1992

Genoa, 1945. The war is over but not for 4 partisans who still try to capture the remaining fascists.

Chewingum Trailer (1984)

11 August 1984

Geared to a teen and pre-teen audience, this juvenile romance is set in the last year of high school and involves the attraction between Isabella, a beautiful newcomer to the school, and Massimo, an introverted, hard-working young student .

Il ragazzo del Pony Express Trailer (1986)

19 May 1986

Allullo drom Trailer (1992)

23 October 1992

Willy Signori e Vengo Da Lontano Trailer (1989)

20 December 1989

Scampato a un incidente in cui un uomo è morto, il cronista Willy si fa inoculare un forte senso di colpa dalla fidanzata incinta del defunto e si dedica a lei.

Appuntamento a Liverpool Trailer (1988)

02 September 1988