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Age Of Kill Trailer (2015)

15 June 2015

A black ops sniper is blackmailed by a psychotic international terrorist into killing 6 unrelated people in 6 hours.

We Still Kill the Old Way Trailer (2014)

12 December 2014

A group of aging London gangsters go on a vigilante killing spree when one of their number is murdered by a street gang.

Bonded by Blood 2 Trailer (2017)

22 May 2017

In the shadow of the Range Rover murders, drugs, violence and revenge continue to reign in a criminal underworld even darker and deadlier than before as a new generation of Essex Boys begin to carve their bloody mark.

The Zombie King Trailer (2013)

25 April 2013

Samuel Peters (Edward Furlong), once an ordinary man, dabbles in the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave.

Stanley a Man of Variety Trailer (2016)

07 October 2016

A man who has been stuck in prison for far too long starts to see hallucinations.

Deranged Trailer (2012)

06 June 2012

Deranged’ follows four girls who go on a bachelorette party weekend to a country house, in rural Spain.