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13 Assassins Trailer (2010)

09 September 2010

A bravado period action film set at the end of Japan's feudal era in which a group of unemployed samurai are enlisted to bring down a sadistic lord and prevent him from ascending to the throne and plunging the country into a war-torn future.

Zatoichi Trailer (2003)

06 September 2003

Zatôichi is a 19th century blind nomad who makes his living as a gambler and masseur. However, behind this humble facade, he is a master swordsman gifted with a lightning-fast draw and breathtaking precision.

Survive Style 5+ Trailer (2004)

25 September 2004

A man continually trying and failing to get his wife to stay dead; a self-absorbed ad agency creative director who comes up with one unworkably inane idea after another; a British hitman who only wants to know everyone's function in life; and an unfortunate office worker and father whose brain is left scrambled after a stage hypnotist is murdered in mid-performance.

Violent Cop Trailer (1989)

12 August 1989

Detective Azuma is a Dirty-Harry style rogue cop who often uses violence and unethical methods to get results.

Séance Trailer (2000)

07 August 2000

A psychic housewife and her husband become burdened with a kidnapped girl who escaped her assailant. Junko will not let her husband call the hospital or the police for purely selfish reasons.

Hero Trailer (2007)

08 September 2007

The film continues from Hero SP, five years after Kuryu Kohei was transferred to Shinigaki Island. Kuryu Kohei goes back to Tokyo Branch DA, where everything seems doesn't changed at all.

Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle Trailer (2000)

11 September 2000

Benkei, a master fighter and killer, vows never to take another life after his conversion to Buddhism.

Aegis Trailer (2005)

30 July 2005

The Isokaze, an Aegis-class escort vessel, sets sail on a routine training exercise, playing host to a platoon from the Fleet Training Group.

Disconcerto Trailer (2014)

18 October 2014

Set within the fictional city of Mahoro, Keisuke Tada runs a "benriya" - a general problem solver for hire.

Tada's Do-It-All House Trailer (2011)

22 April 2011

In Mahoro, the fictional suburb of Tokyo, Tada works as a general problem solver for hire. One day, former classmate Gyoten appears unannounced.

The Buried Forest Trailer (2005)

12 May 2005

Three high school girls living out in the country build stories out from their local environment, mountainous and bordered by an unkempt buried forest.

The Makioka Sisters Trailer (1983)

30 December 1983

This sensuously beautiful film chronicles the activities of four sisters who gather in Kyoto every year to view the cherry blossoms.

Vital Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

Hiroshi wakes up in a hospital room and realizes that he was in a serious car accident that caused the death of his girlfriend, Ryoko, as well as the loss of his memory.

The Funeral Trailer (1984)

17 November 1984

At the beginning of the film the father-in-law of the protagonist dies unexpectedly of a heart attack.

The Oil-Hell Murder Trailer (1992)

23 May 1992

The indolent son of an oil vendor becomes a regular customer of a prostitute, racks up a mountain of debt, and is disowned by his parents.

The Backwater Trailer (2013)

07 September 2013

Based on a novel by Shinya Tanaka, this film is set in a quiet riverside town, where 17-year-old Tooma lives with his father and his father’s lover.

A Boy Called H Trailer (2013)

10 August 2013

Told from the viewpoint of the father Morio (Yutaka Mizutani), "A Boy Called H" follows a young boy named Hajime Senoh, nicknamed "H".

Waiting for the Flood Trailer (1991)

10 August 1991

A young asthmatic man learns he has magical powers.

I Hate Tokyo Trailer (2013)

24 August 2013

Natsumi (Kie Kitano) moves to Tokyo to enter a fine arts university. In Tokyo, Natsumi meets Ryosuke and they soon become a couple.

The Little Girl Who Conquered Time Trailer (1983)

16 July 1983

Yoshiyama Kazuko is in the 3rd grade of junior high. One day, she's cleaning in the laboratory, she notices of the smell of lavender, and fainted.

The Human Trust Trailer (2013)

19 October 2013

Yuichi Mafune is known as a finance broker, but he's actually a conman. One day, two men show up in front of Yuichi.

Sword of Desperation Trailer (2010)

10 July 2010

A talented but troubled Edo Period swordsman, Kanemi Sanzawmon. Three years earlier, Kanemi killed a woman, Renko, the corrupt mistress of the powerful daimyo Tabu Ukyou.

Botchan Trailer (2016)

03 January 2016

Rainbow Kids Trailer (1991)

01 July 1991

A wealthy matriarch is kidnapped by a gang of three. She is insulted by the amount of money they propose to demand as ransom, and a strange interchange of roles takes place.

Foujita Trailer (2015)

31 December 2015

A biopic of seminal 20th century artist Leonard Foujita, a contemporary of Picasso and Modigliani, who was famous for mixing up European and Japanese styles.

69 Trailer (2004)

10 July 2004

Hoping to catch a girl's attention, high school students Ken (Tsumabuki Satoshi) and Adama (Ando Masanobu) cook up an ambitious plan.

Chameleon Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Keiko who leads a lonely life as a fortune teller on the streets meets Goro, a leader of the con-artists.

The Projects Trailer (2016)

04 June 2016

Whether it's someone mixing burnables and recyclables or noise from a neighbor's domestic spat, there's always something occupying the residents of a housing project in the suburbs of Osaka.

Loved Gun Trailer (2004)

13 May 2004

Loved Gun is a story about a hitman named Hayamada (Masatoshi Nagase) who carries a distinctive red gun.

Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

In dreamlike mountain scenery, Toshiko makes a daring escape from her sexually warped Uncle Sonezaki.

Vengeance for Sale Trailer (2001)

04 November 2001

In a world where vendettas are officially sanctioned, the people sometimes needed help in carrying out their vengeance.

Hula Girls Trailer (2006)

09 September 2006

Young women in a small Japanese town look to revive their home's declining fortunes by building a Hawaiian village tourist attraction.

Maison Ikkoku Kanketsuhen Trailer (2008)

25 July 2008

In this direct continuation of the earlier special, Godai tries to figure out what to do with his life after college while competing with Kyoko's impossibly perfect tennis coach for her affection.

Box: Hakamada Case - What is the Life Trailer (2010)

29 May 2010

Based on the true story of former professional boxer Iwao Hakamada who has spent over 40 years incarcerated on death row.

Beautiful Sunday Trailer (1998)

20 November 1998

It’s no longer a news bulletin that the pressures of modern urban living can result in disconnection and despair, but “Beautiful Sunday” casts a strangely pleasing spell as a droll and formalistic comic drama about the various relationships among, and odd obsessions of, the residents of a Tokyo apartment block.

Happy Flight Trailer (2008)

15 November 2008

Co-pilot Kazuhiro (Tanabe Seiichi) is up for promotion, but before he can get his captain's wings he has to get through a flight evaluation, and things aren't exactly going his way.

Circumstances Trailer (2011)

03 December 2011

Youko and Harumi have been friends since youth as their life circumstances were similar. Youko ends up marrying a politician and publishes a successful picture book basen on Harumi's life, when her son suddenly gets abducted.

GS Wonderland Trailer (2008)

15 November 2008

"GS Wonderland" is about the 1960's Group Sounds bands - A Japanese pop movement inspired by the Beatles and other mid-1960's Brit Pop.

The Milkwoman Trailer (2005)

02 July 2005

Minako (TANAKA Yuko), begins her day running up and down the hills of her hometown delivering milk door to door.

Murder on D Street Trailer (1998)

16 May 1998

The brilliant detective Kogoro Akechi has shied away disillusioned. A puzzling murder involving falsification of erotic art makes him, however, to return to work.

Face Trailer (2000)

12 August 2000

'Face' is a fascinating and difficult to categorize movie. Naomi Fujiyama gives an impressive performance (her movie debut) as the frumpy, clumsy and socially retarded Masako who one day strangles the pretty sister who loves to torment her.

Penguins in the sky - Asahiyama zoo Trailer (2009)

07 February 2009

Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido, is the northernmost zoo in Japan. The unpopular zoo welcomes a new zoo keeper, young Yoshida (Yasuhi Nakamura), who has more affection for insects than people after years of being bullied at school when he was young.

Noriben - The Recipe for Fortune Trailer (2009)

26 September 2009

Komaki is a thirty-something woman that has had it with her perpetually unemployed aspiring writer husband.

East Meets West Trailer (1995)

12 August 1995

The film starts off with an old man in the desert and two signs are shown; one that says East, the other says west.

Sleeping Man Trailer (1996)

03 February 1996

Ever since an accident in the mountains outside town, Takuji's slept in a coma; his neighbors care for him as new events occur every day.

Osaka Hamlet Trailer (2008)

21 October 2008

A film about family life in Osaka. Following the death of their father, three boys struggle to find their own identity with the help of their outgoing mother and weak-willed uncle.

Nagasaki burabura bushi Trailer (2000)

15 September 2000

Screen icon Sayuri Yoshinaga stars in this historical melodrama about geishas in the southern city of Nagasaki set during the 1920s.

Aibou the Movie Trailer (2008)

01 May 2008

A former TV presenter is murdered. On the same day, two police officers from the Metropolitan police Special Mission Task Force, Sugishita Ukyo (Yutaka Mizutani) and Kameyama Kaoru (Yasufumi Terawaki), are guarding a female Diet member, Katayama Hinako (Yoshino Kimura).

Partners: The Movie II Trailer (2010)

23 December 2010

"Partners: The Movie II" is the second of the movies based on the superpopular Japanese show "Aibou".

Maison Ikkoku Trailer (2007)

11 May 2007

Based on a hit manga by Takahashi Rumiko, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Otonashi Kyoko, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Godai Yusaku, a poor student tenant.

Bōshi Trailer (2008)

02 August 2008

Round About Midnight Trailer (1999)

06 November 1999

Koji, a jazz musician, takes a cigarette break in between sets at a Tokyo nightclub. He witnesses a murder and runs into a girl, Linda, who is being pursued by the killers.

Happy Go Lucky Trailer (1997)

17 March 1997

Takashi and four of his classmates, fourth-grade students, cannot succeed in doing a back pullover around a horizontal bar.

Miss Lonely Trailer (1985)

12 April 1985

A lonely high schooler suddenly meets the love of his life out of thin air. Is she a real person or a figment of his imagination?

A Hardest Night!! Trailer (2005)

22 October 2005

A celebration of the ancient art of Japanese rakugo, roughly translated as “comic storytelling”. The film is interspersed with numerous funerals and wakes, songs, dances, and often disgustingly crude jokes.

My House Trailer (2003)

12 April 2003

A young Japanese boy's life is changed when his sister returns to the small island, full of eccentric characters, where he lives.

Samurai Gangsters Trailer (2008)

20 September 2008

Ordinary Miracles Trailer (2009)

08 January 2009

Marks Trailer (1995)

22 April 1995

Police investigate a series of grisly murders.

Keiho Trailer (1999)

17 February 1999

The psychiatric evaluation of a young actor arrested for a brutal double murder concludes he may be unfit for trial.