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Hair and Brimstone Trailer (2016)

24 June 2016

The dark and twisted adventures of Hades, Aubrey & Robin in their hair salon, Hair and Brimstone.

Let it Be Trailer (2016)

02 March 2016

"She likes their earlier music. I like their later music."

Rocks that Bleed Trailer (2015)

24 February 2015

A short film about two brothers.

Ghost Fighting Corporation Trailer (2015)

16 June 2015

So many people came together to make this film happen. Thank you to every single one of them. We both appreciate everything you've done for this project.

Strangers in a Bed Trailer (2014)

11 August 2014

Strangers In A Bed is a short drama/comedy film. Ali (Jack Howard) is on a trip to the US, but when his connecting flight is cancelled due to a blizzard, he's forced to share a hotel room, and a bed, with Bill (John Christian Bateman).