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On the Road Trailer (2012)

22 May 2012

Dean and Sal are the portrait of the Beat Generation. Their search for "It" results in a fast paced, energetic roller coaster ride with highs and lows throughout the U.

Love Always, Carolyn Trailer (2011)

23 April 2011

Documentary about Carolyn Cassady, her life and marriage to Neal Cassady, her relationship with Jack Kerouac and how she takes care of the literary legacy from both.

The Subterraneans Trailer (1960)

23 June 1960

The 1960 film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel stars George Peppard as a young writer who explores San Francisco's beatnik culture and falls for non-conformist Leslie Caron.

Beat Generation Trailer (2014)

08 February 2014

New York in the Fifties Trailer (2001)

16 October 2001

New York in the Fifties is the story of a unique time and place, when New York was the hotbed of new artistic expressions, free love, drinking, hot jazz, and radical politics.

No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg Trailer (2006)

21 November 2006

Witness the last days of the Beat poet whose works would capture the very essence of the 1960 counter-cultural movement in an informative documentary featuring Allan Ginsburg's final television interview as well as remarkable deathbed footage shot by underground cinema icon Jonas Mekas.

Pull My Daisy Trailer (1959)

11 November 1959

Pull My Daisy is a film that typifies the Beat Generation. Directed by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie, Daisy was adapted by Jack Kerouac from the third act of his play, Beat Generation; Kerouac also provided improvised narration.