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Service Trailer (2008)

24 June 2008

A struggling family (Gina Pareño, Jaclyn Jose, Coco Martin) owns a Filipino porn theater where prostitutes conduct their business.

Alabok Sa Ulap Trailer (1987)

26 March 1987

Eva is a dancer in a nightclub where Dom frequently stays. One night, Dom brings with him his best friend Winston to show Eva.

Mang Kepweng Returns Trailer (2017)

04 January 2017

A remake of a funny quack doctor who was originally portrayed by the late comedian Chiquito in 1979. Its a story of the quack doctor's son and his adventures with the magical bandana.

Felix Manalo Trailer (2015)

04 October 2015

Felix Yzagun Manalo is a sprawling historical epic that traces the origin of Iglesia Ni Cristo (The Church of Christ) which is established in the Philippines from its humble beginnings in 1914 through the present day.

Ma' Rosa Trailer (2016)

09 November 2016

Ma’ Rosa has four children. She owns a small convenient store in a poor neighborhood of Manila where everybody likes her.

Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

This ninth installment in the classic horror series offers up a trio of spine-chillers from the Philippines.

Echoserang Frog Trailer (2014)

02 April 2014

An industry veteran is given a chance to produce and star in his own movie. But he quickly finds movie production isn't quite as glamorous as it seems.

Private Show Trailer (1985)

01 October 1985

About virginal barely-legal Myrna, who was forced to work as a torera (live sex worker).

Larger Than Life Trailer (2001)

20 February 2001

A mother and her daughter—who are both victims of incest-rape perpetrated by the same man now languishing in jail—are approached by a couple of filmmakers with an offer to produce a movie based on the two women’s true story.

The Masseur Trailer (2005)

19 October 2005

Following the death of his father and a chance meeting with an abusive romance novelist, a masseur working in a gay massage parlor struggles to make sense of his unfulfilling relationships while simultaneously assisting his mother in preparing his father for burial.

In the Can Trailer (2014)

08 October 2014

A suspense film based on true cases of human trafficking, tells the story of Carlo, a 14-year old boy's daring attempt to escape slavery in a sardines factory.

Escort Girls Trailer (1985)

26 April 1985

a film by Tony Cruz.

Shake, Rattle & Roll V Trailer (1994)

25 December 1994

"MALIGNO" A couple takes a vacation on a secluded island and strange forces are at work that seems to keep them on that island.

Patay na si Hesus Trailer (2016)

16 October 2016

When Iyay, a single mother, learns that her estranged husband has died, she drags the entire family on a road trip from Cebu to Dumaguete to attend the funeral.

House of Terror Trailer (2013)

10 September 2013

Taking place in a convent, we follow the story of Sister Sofia whose life takes a grave turn upon the arrival of, the troubled and haunted, Fatima.

You to Me Are Everything Trailer (2010)

12 May 2010

Rafael - a rich guy whose luck suddenly turned upside down after losing everything. When he needed to get his life back on track, he met Isak - the instant rich girl from the province.

Donsol Trailer (2006)

02 September 2006

About two lonely people who met during the whaleshark watching season in Donsol, Sorsogon.

Puso Ng Pasko Trailer (1998)

25 December 1998

Christopher cannot help but think that he is jinxed, but his luck changes when an impish Christmas elf appears, offering him and his siblings a wish.

Eternity Trailer (2006)

30 August 2006

Eternity is an epic romance about a pair of star-crossed lovers Crisanto and Milagros and how true love transcends different lifetimes.

A Secret Affair Trailer (2012)

24 October 2012

Rafi (Anne Curtis) is happily committed to her lovely partner in life, Mark (Derek Ramsay). She's a bachelorette from a rich family, who belongs to the "Friday Club", the regular get-together of her college friends.

Deathrow Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

A neglected and unloved orphan raised by poor relatives in the slums of Manila is wrongfully convicted of murder that resulted from a heist he was compelled to join.

My Little Bossings Trailer (2013)

25 December 2013

Torky is a bookkeeper working for Baba a millionaire cash management specialist. Because of some conflict in her business that puts her life in danger, Baba entrusts the safety of her son Justin to Torky who takes him home to meet his daughter Ice and Ching the street urchin that the latter took under her wing.

Barang Trailer (2006)

18 October 2006

A heart-pounding fright movie about a provincial lass whose life and death is shrouded by inexplicable and ghastly events so affecting the whole community of Sta.

Lahar Paraisong Abo Trailer (1997)

12 March 1997

In the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, a volcano dormant for more than 400 years, the residents of the whole town of San Simon in Pampanga was engulfed by dust and thick mudflow called lahar.

Nurse Trailer (2007)

05 December 2007

Jennylyn Mercado, Jodi Sta. Maria, Agot Isidro, Coco Martin, and Jon Avila portray five graduating nursing students who are at a crossroads in their lives and their careers.

Macho Dancer Trailer (1989)

18 January 1989

A former American soldier becomes an exotic dancer and male prostitute in Manila.

Pacquiao: The Movie Trailer (2006)

21 June 2006

Jericho Rosales portrays Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao as he struggles out of poverty to become a champion and national hero.

Padre de Pamilya Trailer (2009)

29 April 2009

Padre De Pamilya is a story about a father Joselito Mirasol (Ariel Rivera) whose only wish is for his children to grow up as good Catholic Christians.

Dama de Noche Trailer (1998)

21 July 1998

A woman who was maltreated during her younger years gets revenge on the people who abused her.

Flames Of Love Trailer (2012)

12 December 2012

A multi-plot story that tackles the pressing issues surrounding the modern-day family – drug addiction, infidelity, promiscuity and even abortion.

Cedie Trailer (1996)

08 May 1996

An Earl disowns his son James for marrying Annie, a middle-class woman. The couple leaves England to start a life in New York with their son newborn child Cedie.

Soliloquy Trailer (2009)

18 October 2009

A bus takes-off from urban Manila to the rural southeastern side of the country, carrying a group of mixed passengers from all walks of life, each one has a personal story to tell and they are telling it in their own voice.

From the Heart Trailer (1999)

10 February 1999

Via, the only daughter of Don Fernando, was raised as his darling princess. On her eighteenth birthday, she found out that her father has promised her hand in marriage to her childhood friend, Michael, and before the birthday party was over, she got kidnapped.

Casket For Rent Trailer (2007)

07 November 2007

Ataul for Rent is a narrative social satire movie depicting the lives of the slum dwellers of "Kalyehong Walang Lagusan", a very narrow, congested, miserable alley/compound in a typical squatter's area.

Angels Trailer (2007)

13 June 2007

"Angels" is a trilogy. The three episodes featured in the movies are: "Angel of Mine", "Daddy's Angel" and "Angel of Love".

Next Attraction Trailer (2008)

20 October 2008

Purports to document the production of a short about a young man’s first sexual experience while doubling as a coming-out film and a multiply layered making-of movie.

Pedrong palad Trailer (2000)

15 March 2000

White Slavery Trailer (1985)

25 July 1985

Three girls are sold into prostitution.

Pamahiin Trailer (2006)

19 April 2006

Noah comes home from the States to look into the real reason behind his best friend Damian's death. With his clairvoyant girlfriend Eileen, he meets old folks who shed light on pervasive superstitious beliefs about death and ghosts.

Mano po 5: Gua ai di Trailer (2006)

25 December 2006

A culinary romance set in Binondo, where Chinese traditions are still very much observed, Mano Po 5: Gua Ay Di is a touching story of how a young Chinese woman fights for the man she loves.

The Child of Brocka Trailer (2005)

30 July 2005

It is about a group of investigative journalists from a sub-par TV station who accidentally scores a scoop that a 21-year-old boy is looking around for his identity… he claims to be the son of the late director Lino Brocka, a known gay filmmaker.

Idol: Hope of the Nation Trailer (2007)

01 August 2007

Idol reveals a serious story about honesty, honor and integrity. Elly is a working student, scholar and is now a candidate to become the class valedictorian.

Once There is a Heart Trailer (2001)

09 May 2001

Boyet Palacios is a teenage boy whose family used to be middle class. Reversal of fortune happens after the father gets sick and becomes a vegetable confined to his bed.

Haunted House Trailer (2009)

11 March 2009

Romano and his men are ambushed in one military operation. Romano almost gets killed but wakes up after staying in coma for several days.

Madonna and Child Trailer (1996)

25 January 1996

A woman searching for the child she put up for adoption.

Aishite Imasu Trailer (2005)

16 October 2005

Inya, a heroine of the Philippine resistance against the Japanese during World War II, recalls events involving her husband Edilberto and their childhood friend Ignacio, a transvestite who, masquerading as a woman also named Inya, becomes the lover of the local Japanese commander, Ichiru, and is caught between a duty to be a spy for his country and friends and his reluctant but growing love for Ichiru.

One Night Trailer (2005)

15 July 2005

A man's friends hire a prostitute on his birthday for him to lose his virginity. But after finding out that she is a middle-aged woman, they decide to ditch her, except for the birthday boy, who likes older women.

Gabi Na, Kumander Trailer (1986)

20 November 1986

Gabi Na Kumander is the story of two brothers with opposite beliefs who suddenly find themselves in a fight for what each one believes is right.

Difficult Trailer (1998)

11 November 1998

Based on a play.

Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita Trailer (1998)

28 June 1998

For the many people, Mela is just another airhead brat girl. With her provocative clothing and crass language anyone would easily judge her as nothing.

Silent Passage Trailer (2004)

23 June 2004

After a chance decision sends her home in a taxicab, Dorinda (Nora Aunor), a widowed judge, strikes up a friendship with the young and charming driver, Noah (Yul Servo), who's overcome with respect for her profession.

Inay Trailer (1993)

25 December 1993

A happy marriage goes wrong when the husband is accused of raping his stepdaughter who eventually died.

Mother Ignacia: The Obedient Trailer (1998)

20 October 1998

This is the life story of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, a Chinese-Filipina nun who founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Religious of the Virgin Mary.

Curacha, the Restless Woman Trailer (1998)

27 May 1998

A story about a torera (a live sex performer) who finds herself trapped in an anomalous game of association between sex, life and death, and its political equivalent of sleaze, subservicence and power in drug-addled world.

The Flor Contemplacion Story Trailer (1997)

07 June 1997

The story of the Filipina domestic who was hanged in Singapore for allegedly killing her fellow maid is chronicled in a film which operates on various personal, social and political levels.

Magandang Hatinggabi Trailer (1998)

04 November 1998

Be careful what you wish for… otherwise you will suffer the same fate of this group of young people who are overtly fun-loving and death defying adventure seekers.

Let’s Share the Night by Half Trailer (1988)

09 March 1988

Gerry and Rochelle are childhood sweethearts. Although Rochelle wants to settle down, Gerry wants his ambitions fulfilled first.

Jack & Jill Trailer (1987)

10 June 1987

When the old man became ill Jack took over her father's job of chauffeuring for a handsome millionaire whose rather eccentric mother had decided to adopt Jill so she could fulfill her dream of having a daughter.

Magdusa Ka! Trailer (1986)

22 October 1986

Dina was the daughter of Dindo and his former maid Nida. Aware of this fact the girl constantly dreamt that one day she would be recognized by her father and would enjoy all the comforts of his moneyed lifestyle.

Flesh Avenue Trailer (1986)

24 April 1986

After the death of her father, Nelia (Jaclyn Jose) goes to find her mother and discovers that she owns a whorehouse.