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The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom Trailer (2014)

14 February 2014

In the twilight of the Ming Dynasty, the Imperial court is plagued by corruption as tyrants rule over the land.

The Silent War Trailer (2012)

10 August 2012

An espionage thriller set in the 1950s and adapted from the novel "Year Suan/Plot Against" by May Jia.

Battle of the Warriors Trailer (2006)

23 November 2006

In 370 B.C, China was separated as seven nations and several other small tribes, one of these being the city state of Liang.

C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri Trailer (1993)

11 November 1993

Unable to make it as a commercial success because he staunchly refuses to sell out, a struggling Hong Kong musician rediscovers his love of music and regains an interest in his life's meaning through his relationship with a dying girl.

Beyond the Sunset Trailer (1989)

05 July 1989

1990 Hong Kong Film Award winner of Best Picture.

Christmas Rose Trailer (2013)

23 May 2013

Paralyzed at a young age, Jing (Kwai Lun-Mei) is a kind piano teacher who leads a quiet life. One day, she accuses her doctor Zhou (Chang Chen) of molesting her during a typical medical examination.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father Trailer (1994)

01 February 1994

Yuen scorns his father, who he thinks is too generous and forgiving. Through a flashback/time travel gimmick, Yuen meets his parents during their joyous courtship.

This Thing Called Love Trailer (1991)

27 March 1991

A 1991 Hong Kong movie directed by Chi-Ngai Lee and starring Ying Sau Hui, Rosamund Kwan and Tony Leung Ka Fai.

Ticket Trailer (2008)

23 October 2008

Abandoned as a baby, journalist Yue has only resent for the parents she never knew. While covering a tragic story about a woman and her unborn child, Yue receives news that her foster mother is dying.

Rest on Your Shoulder Trailer (2011)

08 July 2011

In an unspecified time when epidemics run rampant, botanist Yan Guo and his fiance-assistant Baobao move to Moon Island, a nature reserve, to research the curing properties of rare plants.

The Returning Trailer (1994)

30 July 1994

Chung has a book project that will make his career in publishing: a collector's edition of the work of Siu Lau, a reclusive woman who died mysteriously in 1949.

The Kid Trailer (1999)

14 October 1999

When Maise's husband walks out on her, she leaves her baby son in a luxury yacht, hoping that he'll be adopted by affluent parents.

Cageman Trailer (1992)

18 November 1992

This film is about the life of socially deprived people who lives in caged housing in Hong Kong. Given the very tough topic of social deprivation, extreme poverty and shockingly appalling living conditions, I expected "Cageman" to be very tough to watch.

Intimates Trailer (1997)

23 October 1997

Foon escapes an arranged marriage by walking the road of a Ji Sor. After an affair with Shing, she becomes pregnant.

Merry Christmas Trailer (1984)

12 December 1984

A widower named Baldy (Karl Maka) longs for his lovely neighbor, but is unable to summon the courage to tell her until another man enters the picture and forces his hand.

He & She Trailer (1994)

09 June 1994

Tony Leung Ka-Fai stars as a gay man who helps the spiritedly Anita Yuen through her single motherhood when her married boyfriend (Lawrence Cheng) impregnates and abandons her.

Midnight Fly Trailer (2001)

12 July 2001

Michelle takes off for Europe to contemplate her inevitable divorce. She meets the beautiful Miki, a Japanese model who tries to end a relationship with a married man.

Midnight Revenge Trailer (1994)

11 September 1994

Revenge drama from Hong Kong

Always on My Mind Trailer (1993)

21 December 1993

Chang Yau-Wai is a family committed news reporter. Together with his wife, they have their hands full with their children, including their soon to be wed daughter.

Xian le piao piao Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

An aspiring dancer takes on a summer teaching job while practicing for an important audition. With the help of handsome and charming gym teacher Aaron Kwok, she trains a group of scrappy, less-than-perfect kids for a singing competition.

I've Got You, Babe!!! Trailer (1994)

03 March 1994

Marriage is a tomb of love? This film depicts the struggle of modern man to choose between bachelorhood and marriage.

The Final Test Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Austin Wai plays Sum, a secret agent posing as the security chief of a remote mining colony where several employees have disappeared without a trace.

Lover's Tear Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

A cop in the Hong Kong anti-smuggling unit goes to mainland China to retrieve some confiscated contraband.

Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch Trailer (1988)

04 March 1988

Affected by traditional values, young Lai Shi had himself castrated in order to become a eunuch to the Manchu Emperor.