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Jake Kennedy is a teacher, editor, filmmaker and experimental writer. Originally from Streetsville, Ont., Kennedy lives in Kelowna, BC, the heart-fist of Canada's Okanagan region. He teaches English literature and creative writing courses at Okanagan College, where he blows students' cerebellums. His first book, The Lateral, won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry from Montreal's Snare Books. Apollinaire's Speech to the War Medic is his second collection of poetry, which was published by BookThug, who also published his bpNichol chapbook award winning Hazard. Kennedy also co-edited an anthology of graphic poetry, Boredom Fighters, with Paola Poletto. With his bestfriend, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Kennedy has written and produced car interviews with several Canadian and American poets, including Bhanu Kapil and Margaret Atwood. These Silver Cars Sessions revel in culture obscurity. Currently, the two are curating a community-written novel called Death Valley.

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Breaking at the Edge Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

A pregnant woman fears for her unborn child's life if she doesn't avenge a supernatural entity.

Mask Maker Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

A lucky couple hits the jackpot when they purchase a 19th century plantation home for pennies on the dollar.

Penance Trailer (2009)

30 May 2009

A young mother decides to become a stripper to earn some fast cash only to find her worst nightmaresn

Days of Darkness Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

When a comet strikes Earth and kicks up a cloud of toxic dust, hundreds of humans join the ranks of the living dead.