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King Kong Trailer (1933)

07 April 1933

An adventure film about a film crew in search of a monster on a remote island. The crew finds King Kong and decides to take him back to New York as a money making spectacle.

King Kong Trailer (1976)

08 September 1976

In this remake of the 1933 classic about the giant ape, an oil company expedition disturbs the peace of Kong and brings him back to New York to exploit him.

The Most Dangerous Game Trailer (1932)

16 September 1932

An insane hunter arranges for a ship to be wrecked on an island where he can indulge in some sort of hunting and killing of the passengers.

Danger Lights Trailer (1930)

21 August 1930

Head railroad man Dan is as ugly as he is honorable. When he spots a drifter who'd hopped a freight held up by a landslide, Dan offers the man a job; then he finds the man was a railroader, too, and takes him under his wing.

The Vagabond Lover Trailer (1929)

01 December 1929

A zany musical about an amateur musician in search of work who impersonates a big band leader.

Social Register Trailer (1934)

10 March 1934

Chorus girl Patsy Shaw crashes a high-society party, meets playboy Charlie Breen, they fall in love, and are on their merry way to wedded bliss.

These Thirty Years Trailer (1934)

23 May 1934

The rise of Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company.....

Dancers in the Dark Trailer (1932)

11 March 1932

A bandleader tries to romance a dancer by sending her boyfriend, a musician, out of town. However, things get complicated when he finds out that a gangster has designs on her too.

Aloma of the South Seas Trailer (1926)

15 May 1926

A young South Seas native boy is sent to the U.S. for his education. He returns to his island after his father dies to try to stop a revolution.

The Coast of Folly Trailer (1925)

21 September 1925

Silent film drama...