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The Witches Hammer Trailer (2006)

22 May 2006

On the day of her death a normal woman is transformed into a genetically engineered vampire and trained to kill.

Bane Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Held captive in an underground prison by a sadistic sicko who fancies himself a surgeon, 4 women fight for their lives, knowing the exact time they're scheduled to die thanks to a crudely carved set of numbers on each of their bodies.

Bordello Death Tales Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

An anthology film set in a brothel, Bordello Death Tales incorporates three shorts by young horror directors, linked by a sinister venue: Madame Raven's bordello.

Hellbreeder Trailer (2004)

16 March 2004

Five years ago Alice saw her son murdered; now every day is consumed with the need to find his killer.

Sanitarium Trailer (2001)

16 March 2001

A generation ago, Dr Max Warick was researching a mysterious experimental drug which was scientifically proven to cure certain types of madness.

Bordello of Blood - Death Tales Trailer (2009)

23 January 2009