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Jan Triska or Jan Tříska (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjan ˈtr̝̊iːska]; 4 November 1936) is a Czech actor, most notable for portraying Captain Henry Wirz in the American television film Andersonville.

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Ronin Trailer (1998)

25 September 1998

A briefcase with undisclosed contents – sought by Irish terrorists and the Russian mob – makes its way into criminals' hands.

The Karate Kid, Part III Trailer (1989)

29 June 1989

Kreese, his life in tatters after his karate school was defeated by Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, visits Terry, a friend from Vietnam.

Apt Pupil Trailer (1998)

23 October 1998

Neighborhood boy Todd Bowden discovers that an old man living on his block named Arthur Denker is nazi war criminal.

The Osterman Weekend Trailer (1983)

14 October 1983

The host of an investigative news show is convinced by the CIA that the friends he has invited to a weekend in the country are engaged in a conspiracy that threatens national security in this adaptation of the Robert Ludlum novel.

Black Eagle Trailer (1988)

01 May 1988

One of the US Air Force's most modern tactical aircrafts, an F-100 with a new laser guidance system, crashes into the sea near Malta - a region where the Soviet forces are highly present, too.

Uncommon Valor Trailer (1983)

16 December 1983

A group of Vietnam War veterans re-unite to rescue one of their own left behind and taken prisoner by the Vietnamese.

Blizzard Trailer (2003)

15 May 2003

A young girl's aunt tells her the tale of a young ice skater and an enchanted reindeer.

Loose Cannons Trailer (1990)

09 February 1990

Mac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case.

Lunacy Trailer (2005)

17 November 2005

Loosely based on two short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and inspired by the works of the Marquis de Sade.

Secluded, Near Woods Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

The Lavicka's, a Czech family from the city, rents a house in the country with the option to buy. However, old Mr Komarek seems reluctant to sell the house as they agreed.

The Omega Code Trailer (1999)

15 October 1999

In this spiritual thriller, an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled as a secret code brings the world to the edge of Apocalypse.

Želary Trailer (2003)

04 September 2003

A nurse and her surgeon-lover are part of a resistance movement in 1940s Czechoslovakia. When they are discovered, her lover flees and she must find a place to hide.

One Hand Can't Clap Trailer (2003)

17 September 2003

Jedna ruka netleska...

Bastardi 3 Trailer (2012)

20 September 2012

On the Comet Trailer (1970)

09 October 1970

When a comet passes the Earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa, and a small swathe of humanity, along with it.

The Elementary School Trailer (1991)

01 August 1991

The time is 1945-46. 10 year old Eda and his friend Tonda live in a small village outside Prague. In school, their class is so wild and indisciplined that their teacher quits and is replaced by the militant Igor Hnidzo.

Popelka Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

A Thousand and One Nights Trailer (1974)

31 October 1974

Five different exploits of Sinbad the sailor where he gets mixed up with the pretty daughters of exotic potentates, with powerful monsters that threaten his existence, and with all sorts of teeming jungle life.

Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu Trailer (1977)

22 September 1977

The Amateur Trailer (1981)

11 December 1981

A researcher for the CIA who convinces his superiors to send him to the eastern bloc in order to avenge the murder of his wife by enemy agents discovers a web of deception underneath his wife's death.

Barefoot Trailer (2017)

17 August 2017

Story of a small boy is forced to move out of Prague during World War 2 to a small village of Slavonice where he meets the rest of his family.

Up and Down Trailer (2004)

16 September 2004

Milan and Goran are two criminals who smuggle illegal immigrants. One night after they complete a smuggle, they discover that one of the immigrants has left a baby behind.

Malice in Wonderland Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Struggling actress Hedda Hopper can't get a break in Hollywood, even though an acquaintence of hers is the extremely powerful gossip monger Louella Parsons - maker and breaker of careers (and lives) through her daily syndicated newspaper column.

Talíře nad Velkým Malíkovem Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

A model Communist village is visited by a flying saucer.

Lucie and the Miracles Trailer (1970)

17 June 1970

The harsh reality of a home for abandoned children blends with episodes of youthful fantasy and slapstick comedy in this story of an orphan girl.

Král Lear Trailer (2003)

27 May 2003

Řád Trailer (1994)

24 November 1994

May Trailer (2008)

21 August 2008

After success of Kytice, which is based on the famous collection of poems of K.J.Erben, one of the most well-known character of classic Czech literature, Mr.

Slečna Golem Trailer (1972)

29 March 1972

Edgemen Trailer (2011)

01 December 2011

Královský gambit Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

Lidé z maringotek Trailer (1966)

01 January 1966

Wie füttert man einen Esel Trailer (1974)

04 July 1974

World War II: When Lions Roared Trailer (1994)

18 April 1994

Based upon the actual cables between Washington, London and Moscow during the Second World War, this TV-movie examines the relationship between the leaders of these countries throughout the conflict.

Radúz a Mahulena Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

Radúz, the son of a Magurian king, has lost his way hunting in the territory of the Tatra King Stojmír.

Kde alibi nestačí Trailer (1961)

01 January 1961

Das Haus in der Karpfengasse Trailer (1965)

12 March 1965

Úkryt cerného Billa Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

The story of how Bill Black after a train robbery outwits his pursuers and the sheriff.

Raport Trailer (1968)

25 September 1968

5 milionů svědků Trailer (1965)

31 December 1965

Hra bez pravidel Trailer (1967)

13 April 1967