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Soul at Peace Trailer (2009)

29 January 2009

Set against the majestic mountains of central Slovakia, first time director Vladimir Balko explores the difficulties and challenges one former inmate must face upon his release from prison.

Hlas pro římského krále Trailer (2016)

15 May 2016

The Little Man Trailer (2015)

30 April 2015

The Little Man lives happily in his little house in the Hollow Mountain. His peaceful life ends once he begins to have dreams about a mysterious house where he is to find what he desires.

The Blue Tiger Trailer (2012)

23 February 2012

Johanka and Matyáš have an unusual home. The two live among the animals and plants of an enchanted botanical garden in the middle of the city, but this idyll is under threat.

Godfather's Story Trailer (2013)

13 October 2013

Godfather's story is the story of the greatest of Czech post-revolutionary 'entrepreneurs'. His activities often crossed the edge of the law, and his life ended bullet assassin.

Rajónové blues Trailer (2005)

05 June 2005

Maškaráda Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Všechno nejlepší! Trailer (2006)

01 June 2006

Tajemství Lesní země Trailer (2006)

24 December 2006

Sametoví vrazi Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Návrat ztraceného ráje Trailer (1999)

27 May 1999