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My Sweet Little Village Trailer (1985)

01 August 1985

The movie's main storyline follows the life of Otík, a mentally retarded young man, in a tight-knit village community.

El ángel de Budapest Trailer (2011)

22 December 2011

El ángel de Budapest (Angel of Budapest) is a Spanish 2011 television World War II-Holocaust miniseries based on the book "Un español frente al Holocausto" (A Spanish against the Holocaust) written by journalist and radio executive director Diego Carcedo.

Argo 2 Trailer (2015)

30 April 2015

Mascot Trailer (1982)

29 April 1982

The parents of Kabala (Lucky Charm) and Facsiga (Wooden Top) are divorced. Kabala, an adolescent girl was awarded to the father, while Facsiga, the younger brother was awarded to the mother, but they do not really belong to anyone.

Wall Driller Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Like Light Physical Injuries, The Wall Driller explores the compensatory machismo of Hungary’s official leading class.

Little But Tough Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

Hungary's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990

Peace Conference, or the Century Lasts Until Thursday Trailer (1989)

23 August 1989

International peace conference, events take place in the last week of 1899. Tragic love story between Vilma, daughter of the Austro-Hungarian envoy/ambassador, and Zoluk of Montenegro.

Koportos Trailer (1979)

06 April 1979

Balog Mihály, the Gypsy man from Szabolcs works in Budapest. That is where he is notified that his young wife died.