Jassie Lam Chak-Chi

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Runaway Blues Trailer (1989)

03 March 1989

Before he was crowned one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", Andy Lau starred in the 1989 gangster film Runaway Blues.

Sea Root Trailer (1995)

25 May 1995

Root, who was born into a boat family, bought a woman from mainland China, Lotus, to take care of his mother who had difficulty getting about.

My Rice Noodle Shop Trailer (1998)

11 September 1998

Carol 'Do Do' Cheng portrays the tough, eventful life of "Mama Boss" from childhood in pre-1949 Guilin to disillusionment in 1970s Taipei, where she struggles to run a noodle shop and contend with a host of colourful customers.

Muto Bontie Trailer (1996)

26 July 1996

A remake of the American film Ruthless People. Sean Lau plays a rich, fast-food chain owner named Lam Chak-chi.

Crazy 17 Trailer (1985)

01 February 1985

Hong Kong comedy film.