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Camille Claudel Trailer (1988)

07 December 1988

The life of Camille Claudel, a french scupltor who becomes the apprentice of Auguste Rodin and later his lover.

The Murdered House Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

After World War I, a young ex-soldier, Sébastien Monge, returns to his home village. Ignorant of his past, he learns that, 24 years before, his entire family was slain in their home one stormy night.

The Toilets Were Closed from the Inside Trailer (1976)

07 January 1976

A bus conductor gets dressed for work in the morning, goes to the toilet, where he is killed by a bomb.

Pleure Pas My Love Trailer (1989)

18 January 1989

After the suicide of his actress-mother, a young man announces his identity to his father, who happens to be the man who directed his mother's last film.

Barbarous Street Trailer (1984)

04 January 1984

In this run-of-the-mill crime drama, Bernard Giraudeau is Daniel Chetman, someone who wants to leave the life of violence he knew in his neighborhood -- and cannot do so because his nemesis, a strutting street gangster now involved with organized crime, continues to terrorize the inhabitants of Chetman's turf.

Le jardinier Trailer (1981)

14 October 1981

This is a surreal comedy is about a factory set in a barren landscape that dispenses a minute portion of water to stragglers carrying pans as receptacles.

The Question Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

The Savior Trailer (1971)

01 September 1971

This is rural France. It's the summer of 1943, the weather is fine and sunny and life is sweet. On one of these beautiful days, Nanette, a fourteen-year-old peasant girl, meets a slightly injured young man near the farm she lives on.

Angel Dust Trailer (1987)

18 March 1987

Strange Place for an Encounter Trailer (1988)

26 May 1988

France is a haughty, bourgeoise wife who is abandoned at the side of the road by her husband after a vicious quarrel.

Les îles Trailer (1983)

16 March 1983

No overview found.

It All Depends on Girls Trailer (1980)

13 February 1980

In Montmartre, Paris, two friends are leading a happy carefree Bohemian existence. Jean-Luc is a cabinetmaker, Mathieu is a sculptor.

Exterior Night Trailer (1980)

10 September 1980

Hoping to make a fresh start, Léo, a jazz musician, takes up temporary residence with his friend Bony, a young writer who is struggling to get his work published.

Debout les crabes, la mer monte ! Trailer (1983)

17 August 1983

Being in jail for five years, Marthe, a prostitute, is angry and needs vengeance.

La Passion Trailer (1978)

23 March 1978

No overview found.

Deux lions au soleil Trailer (1980)

29 October 1980

Directed by Claude Faraldo

Capitaine X Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

TV mini series

Un bruit qui court Trailer (1983)

05 September 1983

Jean-Pierre Sentier and Daniel Laloux joined forces to write, direct, and act in this zany comedy about two men who were sent to an island by the Ministry of Toil to make Camembert cheese boxes.