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Jeffrey Howard Piero Wincott (born May 8, 1956) is a Canadian actor and athlete.

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Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms Trailer (1998)

27 September 1998

The Universal Soldiers are used to smuggle diamonds for a CIA Director, but Luc Deveroux continues to cause him problems.

Unstoppable Trailer (2010)

04 November 2010

A runaway train, transporting deadly, toxic chemicals, is barreling down on Stanton, Pennsylvania, and only two men can stop it: a veteran engineer and a young conductor.

Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business Trailer (1999)

01 December 1999

Luc Devereaux and Veronica Roberts continue their attempts to expose the Universal Soldier unit. But after a hostage situation mistakenly leaves Veronica a fugitive, the two escape the city and go into hiding.

Prom Night Trailer (1980)

18 July 1980

This slasher movie follows a relentless killer who is out to avenge the death of a young girl who died after being bullied and teased by four of her classmates.

Mission Of Justice Trailer (1992)

02 December 1992

Mayoral candidate Dr. Rachel Olsen (Brigitte Nielsen) has a dangerous plan for swift justice in the form of a band of ex-convicts, called the Peacemakers, who roam the streets to do her bidding.

Paper Bullets Trailer (2000)

23 October 2000

Martial Law II: Undercover Trailer (1992)

20 August 1992

Sean and Billie are undercover cops and martial arts masters. Investigating the death of a cop, they uncover a deadly ring of murder and corruption at a glitzy nightclub where the rich are entertained by seductive women and protected by martial arts experts.

Open Fire Trailer (1994)

11 December 1994

Mercenaries leads from Kruger seize an entire city, and one man sets out to stop them.

Outside the Law Trailer (2002)

25 June 2002

Secret agent Julie Cosgrove is walking into her most dangerous mission yet.

Martial Outlaw Trailer (1993)

16 November 1993

A DEA agent and his brother, a Los Angeles cop, battle the Russian mafia.

When the Bullet Hits the Bone Trailer (1996)

01 May 1996

An emergency-room doctor declares war on street crime after linking drug traffic to the federal government.

Cleaverville Trailer (2007)

12 March 2007

A life-time criminal is on the run after completing a diamond theft gone wrong. She seeks her mother's help in staying on the run and resist the urge to reconnect with her daughter.

Pressure Point Trailer (2001)

01 August 2001

While on vacation, Jed Griffin and his family cross paths with Rudy Wicker, a cold-blooded killer who has just held up a bank and killed a sheriff's wife.

House of Fallen Trailer (2008)

01 March 2008

The Watchers, a group of fallen angels, walk among the earth disguised as humans, torturing their vessels.

The Killing Machine Trailer (1995)

11 January 1995

Harlin Garret loses his memory and finds himself closed in a facility claimed to belong to the state security services.

The Undertaker's Wedding Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Battle Queen 2020 Trailer (2001)

22 May 2001

In the frozen eternal winter of a post-asteroid impact, mankind's last remnants cling to a fragile existence.

Speedbag Trailer (2006)

06 March 2006

Boxing / action movie.

Last Man Standing Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

A gang of bank robbers, led by the ultra-violent Snake Underwood, pull off a daring mid-day heist that leaves dozens of burning police cars and scores of innocent victims in its wake.

Profile for Murder Trailer (1996)

24 August 1996

A female police psychiatrist develops sexual fantasies involving a patient accused of murder. Contains nudity, simulated sex and masturbation, violence, and profanity.

No Exit Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Professor John Stoneman Teaches at the local university. John philosophy is to prevent violence and handle any situation without hurting anybody.

Future Fear Trailer (1997)

01 December 1997

An able-bodied scientist has found a cure for the plague from outer space which has eradicated almost all life on the planet.

The Donor Trailer (1995)

19 September 1995

A man on a mountain vacation with two friends goes home with a woman he's never met. He wakes up to find that one of his kidneys has been surgically removed.

Street Law Trailer (1995)

03 January 1995

A martial arts-trained lawyer (Jeff Wincott) is forced to fight in illicit matches after he is framed for a crime, is dismissed from his firm, and all his assets are tied up, including his clothing and furniture after he is evicted from his apartment.

Deadly Bet Trailer (1992)

15 April 1992

Jeff Wincott plays a gambler who puts his life on the line to buy his way out of the clutches of a mobster.

Big Deal Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Ted is an entrepreneur whose hopes of selling 10,000 automatized ashtrays are scattered away after his buyer died.