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Loft Trailer (2010)

16 December 2010

Five best friends, all married, decide to share a loft apartment. In this loft they meet their mistresses and conquests.

Riphagen Trailer (2016)

22 September 2016

The true story about the biggest warcriminal from Holland during world war II, Andries "Al Capone" Riphagen.

Love is the Word Trailer (2013)

19 December 2013

Love is the Word is a moving, romantic and funny coming-of-age drama about the magic of first love and the misery of first lost, set in 1978: the year 'Grease' hit the big screen.

The Surprise Trailer (2015)

21 May 2015

An eccentric multimillionaire signs an agreement to have his life ended. While selecting his coffin he meets a young woman who has signed up for the same arrangement.

A Christmoose Story Trailer (2013)

27 November 2013

Based on the best-selling novel, A CHRISTMOOSE STORY brings to life the tale of an unlikely friendship between a young boy and a large, talking moose.

Clean Hands Trailer (2015)

10 September 2015

Sylvia has turned a blind eye for too long to husband Eddie's flourishing drug business. When his dealing takes a (deadly) turn for the worse, however, her need to protect the lives and futures of her young children compel her to flee.

Jurk: Avondjurk Trailer (2010)

09 November 2010

De Nationale IQ Test 2016 Trailer (2016)

02 January 2016

Links Trailer (2008)

25 January 2008

Dexter's controlled life gets thrown into confusion when a girl appears on his work that looks exactly like his girlfriend Stella.

Glitterjurk! De Theatershow Trailer (2013)

04 October 2013