Jérôme Foulon

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White Cannibal Queen Trailer (1980)

15 September 1980

A man on safari in the jungle with his wife and daughter when the wife gets eaten and daughter captured by cannibals.

The Girls Of The Copacabana Trailer (1981)

01 April 1981

Three students Juanita, Jean and Hans bored with their life in Paris go to Brazil in search of sexual adventures.

J'ai pensé à vous tous les jours Trailer (2008)

27 December 2008

Cedric alias "The Quick" was abandoned at birth by his mother and grew up somehow in the homes of the DDASS.

Passage du Désir Trailer (2012)

03 February 2012

Les François Trailer (2013)

20 July 2013

Une femme amoureuse Trailer (2001)

22 May 2001

All Stars Trailer (1980)

16 January 1980