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Jiang Wenli was born in a highbrow family. Her father was a railroad engineer, her mother was a railroad telephone operator, and her parents love literature and art. Since Wenli was a little girl, her father taught her to read famous book and painting, and listen to famous songs. When she was 5 years old, she dreamt about being a gymnast, so her mother sent her to study dance and gymnastics. However, since her stature didn’t fit the standard of a gymnast, the coach of Bengbu city gymnastic team refused to regard her as a formal team member. After that, she spent five years to practice as an informal team member of the gymnastic team. At the age of 17, she took the college entrance examination and regard going to normal university as her goal. However, she got accepted by a water conservation secondary school because her score was five points lower than the acceptance line of the normal university. In 1986, she graduated from the secondary school and starts to work in Bengbu City Water Company. Her job was to design ways of water transportation for residents. Nevertheless, she was not satisfied with her current life and decided to go to Beijing in 1988 and start her new life. Without any preparation, she got accepted by Beijing Film Academy. After become a student of film academy, there were countless film companies inviting her to play role in their films. Her first role was a nursery school teacher in a TV series named The Lily on Cliff, and this TV series won the Feitian TV Awards of that year. Also, she was a candidate for Best Supporting Actress Reward. After this, she played Shuixiu in a movie named Li Li Yuan Shang Cao, and this film won the award from French film festival. The last film of her college period was The Story of Xing Hua, and she played the girl named Xing Hua. After graduate from college, she went to America for a long time and then returned to China to continue her career. After came back to China, she played a role in Miaomiao Liu’s movie *Who you think you are. In 1993, she played an important role which is Chengyi’s mother in movie Farewell My Concubine,and this movie won the Best Movie Award at French Cannes Film Festival of that year. In 1999, she played a 20 episode TV series named Lead by the Hand, and this helped her won the highest honor of Chinese TV industry, Best actress from both Golden Eagle Awards and Feitian TV Awards. In 2000, based on the outstanding performance in film Team Spirit,she won the best actress from Huabiao Film Awards. In 2001, movie The treatment made her career even more successful. In 2011, the TV series When Happiness Knocks became a huge success in her career. This TV series is broadcasting on CCTV-1, which is the most important channel in China. Also, the average audience rating was 3%, which is on the top of other TV series in the whole country.

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Farewell My Concubine Trailer (1993)

16 September 1993

Abandoned by his prostitute mother in 1920, Douzi was raised by a theater troupe. There he meets Shitou and over the following years the two develop an act entitled, "Farewell My Concubine," that brings them fame and fortune.

The Final Master Trailer (2015)

10 December 2015

Determined to pass down his art, the Final Master of Wing Chun is caught in a power struggle with malicious local officials and ultimately must choose between personal honor and his master’s dying wish.

Love On The Cloud Trailer (2014)

24 December 2014

Romance gets complicated in modern-day Beijing.

Distance Trailer (2016)

06 March 2016

Three different countries; three separate lives; three stories. Chen Bolin is the lead actor in all three segments.

Til Death Do Us Part Trailer (2011)

10 May 2011

Set in a small Chinese village where HIV virus is spreading rapidly as a result of illicit blood trade, Mo shu wai zhuan revolves around De Yi and Qinqin are both estranged from their respective family because of their disease and unexpectedly find love with each other by their misfortunes.

And the Spring Comes Trailer (2007)

23 October 2007

In a grimy provincial industrial city, a talented but unattractive schoolteacher dreams of an operatic career.

We'll Meet in Heaven Trailer (2009)

09 October 2009

In China, during the Cultural Revolution, a young girl's parents are thrown in jail for ten years. She is raised by her grandfather.

Lost Indulgence Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

After a car accident which kills him, the wife and son of a taxi driver take in the injured prostitute he was driving.

The Gua Sha Treatment Trailer (2001)

11 May 2001

Mr. Zhao Trailer (1998)

15 August 1998

Mr. Zhao tells the story of a philandering doctor living in Shanghai. His infidelity gets the best oe

CAT'S EYE キャッツ・アイ Trailer (1997)

30 August 1997

Three cat burgling sisters have to go up against the police and a Chinese crime syndicate in order to rescue their kidnapped father.

The Story of Xinghua Trailer (1994)

30 March 1994

This Chinese melodrama presents an allegory tinged with feminism with it’s portrayal of life and free enterprise in a modern, liberalized Chinese mountain village.

Family Portrait Trailer (1992)

12 September 1992

After laying bare backward village mentalities in Bloody Morning, Li Shaohong turns her attention to China’s urban middle class.