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Banished Trailer (2015)

05 March 2015

At its heart, Banished is a story of survival. Though it is set in the stark historical reality of the founding of the penal colony in Australia in 1788 after the arrival of the First Fleet, it is not the story of Australia and how it came to be.

Reg Trailer (2016)

06 June 2016

In June 2003, Reg Keys and his wife Sally return to their home in the Welsh countryside. As they switch on the TV to hear six military policemen have been murdered in Iraq, two men arrive bearing the terrible news that their son, Tom, was among them.

Common Trailer (2014)

06 July 2014

Multi-award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern's brand new film based on the UK's controversial joint enterprise law.

Gas and Candles Trailer (1991)

01 August 1991

Black comedy play about two pensioners struggling to manage on an old-age pension and living in a high-rise block of flats.