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Volta Trailer (2017)

07 July 2017

A woman stumbles upon a valuable artifact, the crown that belonged to Casimir the Great.

Tarapaty Trailer (2017)

15 September 2017

Decalogue III Trailer (1989)

07 September 1989

It’s Christmas Eve, and Ewa has plotted to pass the hours until morning with her former lover Janusz, a family man, by making him believe her husband has gone missing.

Two Moons Trailer (1993)

09 December 1993

Panoramic view of a resort town in the summer of 1930. In seventeen episodes we get a glimpse at the microcosm of its colourful inhabitants and visitors, Poles and Jews, the high society and the desperately poor.

Bezkresne laki Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

Sons and Comrades Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

A Pole who spent time in an internment camp during the war on the Swiss-German border, visits the site many years later and recalls these days.

Miracle Seller Trailer (2013)

27 March 2013

A recovering alcoholic on a pilgrimage meets two young refugees who are trying to find their father. Their struggles during the trip from Poland to France will forever change their lives.

Chronicle of Amorous Accidents Trailer (1986)

24 November 1986

Set in the summer months preceding the September 1939 outbreak of World War II in Polish part of Lithuania.

Popieluszko: Freedom Is Within Us Trailer (2009)

27 February 2009

Story of life of Father Jerzy Popieluszko, the priest called "The Solidarity Chaplain", murdered by communist secret police.

Alchemik Trailer (1989)

07 October 1989

An alchemist, Sendivius, comes to court, and transmutes base metal into gold.

Cudzoziemka Trailer (1986)

17 November 1986

Con Amore Trailer (1976)

24 May 1976

Andrzej and Grzegorz are students of Warsaw Conservatory and preparing for the International Piano Competition.

Weekend Stories: A Woman's Business Trailer (1996)

01 April 1996

A woman whose passport was denied under the previous Communist regime by a vindictive party secretary is given a chance to confront the woman and take revenge.