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Blood Ties Trailer (2009)

10 September 2009

Many people believe when a person dies, his soul returns on the 7th night. After Shun was brutally murdered, his spirit returned to possess his 13 year old sister to exact his revenge.

The Second Coming Trailer (2014)

26 October 2014

All the CHEN family want is a quiet life but as daughter Lucy's behavior changes from strange to violent, they are forced to confront dark secrets they have hidden for years.

Our Sister Mambo Trailer (2015)

15 July 2015

Loosely based on 1957's "Our Sister Hedy" and 1961's "The Greatest Civil War on Earth", this romantic comedy follows the Wong household, where the father acts as the glue that holds everyone together while Mambo, the protagonist and third daughter, tries to get her other sisters hitched.

River of Exploding Durians Trailer (2014)

24 October 2014

When a rare earth plant is being built near a coastal town, its inhabitants fall into despair, fearful of its radioactive effects.