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JoeyStarr was born on October 27, 1967 in Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France. He is an actor and composer.

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Yamakasi Trailer (2001)

04 April 2001

Yamakasi - Les samouraïs des temps modernes is a 2001 French movie written by Luc Besson. It demonstrates the skills of the Yamakasi, a group of traceurs who battle against injustice in the Paris ghetto.

Polisse Trailer (2011)

06 October 2011

The daily grind for the cops of the Police Department's Juvenile Protection Unit - taking in child molesters, busting underage pickpockets, interrogating abusive parents, confronting the excesses of teen sexuality, enjoying solidarity with colleagues and laughing uncontrollably at the most unthinkable moments.

22 Bullets Trailer (2010)

23 March 2010

Charly Matteï has turned his back on his life as an outlaw. For the last three years, he's led a peaceful life devoting himself to his wife and two children.

Good Guys Go to Heaven, Bad Guys Go to Pattaya Trailer (2016)

24 February 2016

Franky and Krimo dream of leaving the grey grime of their neighborhood behind and of traveling to the famous and diabolical Thai beach resort of Pattaya.

Love Lasts Three Years Trailer (2011)

10 December 2011

A look at the dissolution of a marriage...

Colt 45 Trailer (2014)

06 August 2014

The young police man Vincent is the best in his class, and denies to be recruited to the special forces. Trailer (2017)

15 February 2017

Sleepless Night Trailer (2011)

14 November 2011

Vincent is a crooked cop whose drug heist goes wrong when he is stabbed and the criminals he is robbing discover his identity.

The Dream Team Trailer (2012)

24 September 2012

A former footballer living in Brittany enlists his old teammates to help the local fisherman to win some games in order to raise money and save jobs.

Off and Running Trailer (2008)

16 April 2008

Les Gorilles Trailer (2015)

15 April 2015

All About Actresses Trailer (2009)

28 January 2009

While shooting a documentary about all kinds of actresses, the director falls for one of them.

Max Trailer (2013)

18 January 2013

Miserere Trailer (2013)

26 June 2013

Paris, December. A conductor of a choir is found mysteriously murdered, with burst eardrums. Lionel Kasdan, a police inspertor the verge of retirement, and Frank Salek, an official of Interpol, embark together on a hunt for the killer, and also to a secret organization specializing in kidnapping children.

Do Not Disturb Trailer (2012)

03 October 2012

In this lively French remake of Humpday, best buds (Yvan Attal and Françcois Cluzet) reunite and revive their friendship on a questionable dare.

Stéphane Guillon - Portraits au vitriol - 1re salve Trailer (2008)

07 October 2008

Les portraits désormais cultes de Stéphane Guillon sur Canal+ . S'adressant aux invités, il ose un ton inédit, parfois irrévérencieux mais toujours hilarant et taquine avec facétie et perspicacité Jean Dujardin, IAM, Christophe Lambert, Judith Godrèche, Rocco Siffredi, David Douillet, Joey Starr, Fabrice Luchini, Nagui, Marianne James, Bernard Kouchner.

Le Débarquement 2 Trailer (2013)

20 December 2013

Une Autre Vie Trailer (2013)

11 November 2013

The South of France. Internationally famous pianist Aurore collapses one night during a performance, over-exhausted from too many concerts.

Le Débarquement Trailer (2013)

17 January 2013

Suprême NTM Live Bercy 2008 Trailer (2008)

01 July 2008

NTM Live Trailer (1998)

24 November 1998

Authentiques Trailer (2000)

21 February 2000

Le documentaire a suivi le groupe de rap durant un an (en 1998) depuis les répétitions au studio Pee Wee à Aubervilliers, du début de leur tournée à La Réunion, en passant par Lorient, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nancy, jusqu'au Zénith de Paris.

Who's The B.O.S.S Trailer (2003)

22 September 2003