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Colonia Trailer (2015)

13 September 2015

A young woman's desperate search for her abducted boyfriend that draws her into the infamous Colonia Dignidad, a sect nobody ever escaped from.

Vincent Wants to Sea Trailer (2010)

21 April 2010

Vincent, a young man who suffers from Tourette's syndrome, has just lost his mother. His father, a successful politician, does not want to take care of him and therefore places him into a mental institution.

Men in the City 2 Trailer (2011)

06 September 2011

The sequel of the "Men in the city" movie which reunites all the characters.

Tour de Force Trailer (2014)

09 August 2014

Belgium, of all places. What's Belgium got besides chocolates and fries? No matter, this year it was Hannes' and Kiki's turn to choose the destination of their annual bike tour with their closest friends.

Schweigeminute Trailer (2016)

31 October 2016

Kein Sex ist auch keine Lösung Trailer (2011)

14 September 2011

The recruiter Tom Moreno (Stephan Luca) are familiar with women and how they, after you won it for themselves, going on at the latest after the third time back to.

Gladbeck Trailer (2018)

07 March 2018

Jesus liebt mich Trailer (2012)

20 December 2012

A girl who always tends to fall in love with the wrong guy meets one who believes the world is coming to an end next Tuesday.

Teufelsmoor Trailer (2018)

17 January 2018

After the death of her father Georg Inga Hauck drives together with her son Max in their home village.

Schutzpatron. Ein Kluftingerkrimi Trailer (2016)

01 September 2016

Das Kindermädchen Trailer (2012)

08 January 2012

Lawyer Joachim Vernau has arrived at the top of Berlin society. Soon he marries into the influential family of Zernikows.

Winnetous Sohn Trailer (2015)

09 April 2015

Directed by André Erkau.

Selbstgespräche Trailer (2008)

30 July 2008

No overview found.

Never Look Away Trailer (2018)

03 May 2018

German artist Kurt Barnert has escaped East Germany and now lives in West Germany, but is tormented by his childhood under the Nazis and the GDR regime.

Arschkalt Trailer (2011)

20 July 2011

The Case of Jakob von Metzler Trailer (2012)

23 September 2012

Herzblut. Ein Kluftingerkrimi Trailer (2016)

01 October 2016

Seegrund - Ein Kluftingerkrimi Trailer (2013)

28 November 2013

München Mord - Wo bist du, Feigling? Trailer (2016)

03 September 2016

Milchgeld - Ein Kluftingerkrimi Trailer (2012)

26 April 2012

In der Welt habt ihr Angst Trailer (2011)

03 March 2011

Music student Eva has fallen head over heels in love with musician Jo. They have a burning passion for one another and discover that they are able to communicate without auxiliary means, even across great distances.

Sprinter - Haltlos in die Nacht Trailer (2012)

16 May 2012

Erntedank. Ein Allgäu-Krimi Trailer (2009)

23 September 2009

Mein Mörder kommt zurück Trailer (2007)

08 October 2007

Das Hemd Trailer (2010)

18 January 2010

Krupp - eine deutsche Familie Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009